Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips

Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips

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I love these chips!!!

I don't care for these, but I don't really like kettle chips.

They were ok.They were a little too salty and kind of stale tasting.

I've tried the loaded baked potato, salt and vinegar, zesty ranch, spicy thai, and sour cream and cheddar. I absolutely LOVE the spicy thai! They are perfectly crunchy and the thai flavor is surprisingly on point... with that said, the rest of the flavors leave much to be desired. For me, the sour cream and cheddar was horrible. The bottom of the bag had a thick layer of something (grease or oil) I'm not quite sure what it was but the chips were coverd so much with it they were shiny. These chips are fairly expensive, so my advice if you want to try them is to find a coupon or buy them on sale.

I absolutely love these. They are better than other brands of baked chips. They taste more like the full fat chips than other baked brands. The barbeque taste is flavorful but not so strong that it is bitter like some brands.

These baked chips at 65% less fat are even better than the full fat version. They taste really good (like potatoes) and have a great crispy crunch. They're a bit pricey at almost $3 for 4 oz, but worth it because I LOVE chips but always feel guilty consuming all that fat. My new favorite snack!

I tried the Loaded Baked Potato version of the Kettle Brand chips. They were okay to me, but I prefer other brands. I even like store brands more than these.

I recently tried the Kettle Brand Baked Chips in Salt in Vinegar and was surprised that they were actually baked. They looked an tasted very much like a regular fried Kettle Brand chip. I was impressed that these had the crunch, texture, and flavoring of regular kettle chips but with less fat. The Salt & Vinegar flavor was a little strong for me so I tried the baked BBQ and well, I think I've found my next true love. They are so delicious. If only I could find the 100 calorie Baked chip bags at a store near my house. They would become a staple item in my house. These are definitely worth trying!