J.R. Ward Dark Lover

J.R. Ward Dark Lover

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Reading this book is torture. The plot is terrible and so is the writing. There isn't any real romance. This book is a porn novel. I like reading books that involve characters getting intimate, but not books where that is the only plot (if that can even be called a plot). One dumb line in the book is when the main male character tells the main female character that "she tastes like peaches". I usually give a series a second chance by reading the second book (then stop if that one is bad, too), but I will not torture myself again. I also will not read anything else written by this author. She is on my permanent DO NOT READ list.

I love reading vampire romance. I just discovered this author. I like the story telling. I am not used to her vampires being able to eat regular food but then to each author their own. This is book 1. I read it in less than a week. So if you love romance and vampires you will like this series. I can't wait to get the 2nd book.

I enjoy this series and also her series about the fallen angels. I look forward to each book that comes out. I have re-read some of them more several times.

Ward has made us as readers cheer and cry for the men and women (vampires) of the BrotherHood. I eagerly await each new book and enjoy re-reading the ones I have. Ward takes us into a world of protectors that we know nothing about but that keep us safe from some of the things that go bump in the night. If you like vampires you will love her books, Ward is well written and each book is whole into itself but leads you through the tangled lives of the brothers. A good read and a good investment for a re-read.

I love this series! Yes, the names are a little hokey, but you really fall in love with the brothers and their characters really develop well. I've read almost all of these books and enjoyed all of them. A different take on the way vampires are usually depicted, but very enjoyable.

I love this book! I couldn't put it down, from the time I started reading it, until about 3 days later when I finished, I was engulfed. This is the most amazing combination of love and scary. It is a phenomenal book.