Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Lotion

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Lotion

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This lotion works great. I only use it at bedtime because for me, it leaves my skin pretty greasy looking, so after washing my face at night, I slather it on and it keeps my face moisturized and doesn't clog pores!

I use this all winter. Put it on right after a shower and it keeps my skin smooth -- with no skin flaking, which I am very prone to in the winter. I buy it at Costco and keep the big bottle in my bathroom. it's effective but not heavy.

My daughter loves this. She says its the only lotion that relieves her dry skin. She thinks its worth the price

As a lifelong sufferer of Eczema, I've tried everything under the sun to control both the dryness but also the itch. After speaking to my Dermatologist, one of his recommendations was Eucerin. I' went out and bought some and it's worked wonders for not only my dry skin but also my Eczema.

I really liked this product. It helped combat my dry hands.

I love this product! My oldest daughter has Keratosis Pilaris (KP). See I read that Eucerin Plus might help with the bumps on her arms. And it has. I felt so bad for her. The bumps covered most of her arms, legs and some of her back. New teachers would always point out that she had a rash. Being 3, she's not being judged yet from the kids. But it's coming. I'm glad I found this lotion and that it's helping us. I try to put it on every night before bed.

Great lotion! I put it on my legs after shaving and it keeps them feeling really smooth.

Originally recommended by my dermatologist for psoriasis, I now use this lotion twice a day; morning and night. It has helped more than any prescription cortisone cream ever did. I swear by this lotion and use it year-round.

This is the only lotion that I have found to work for sensitive skin. Wonderful!

I was looking for a scent-free, hypoallergenic lotion for my dry, eczema-prone skin, and decided to try Eucerin Plus. It works great - the AHAs really helps relieve dryness, and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. When my lips get dry and flaky in the wintertime, I like to rub a little Eucerin Plus on them before bedtime, and I wake up to silky smooth lips!

This is excellent body lotion, so rich and moisturizing, I also use it on my dry hands.

Great Product! Fast Acting! I recently experienced dry, cracking looking skin. was told by a friend about Eucerin products and how they help with cry cracked skin and eczema problems. use the matching body wash and then applied intensive pair lotion and in a matter of days notice the change. I am very happy I tried this lotion never switching back to my old lotions.