Strivectin Strivectin-sd

Strivectin Strivectin-sd

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I used this product for about 8 months and saw no difference in wrinkles. Did not try it on stretch marks, but that is what it is originally for, so it may work for that but did not see any improvement in my wrinkles or skin. It is expensive too.

I used this because it had great reviews for taking care of stretch marks and wrinkles but it ended up giving me contact dermatitis. I believe it was too strong and irritated my skin (which rarely happens), which is unfortunate because I've heard great reviews on it. I may try it again but use it less often and see if it works but if you have really sensitive skin I would be careful with how much and how you use this product.

Very expensive product, but I cannot say that I saw any difference than just using my Oil of Olay (at a fraction of the cost).

I have been using my sample since I received it. I have some fine lines around my eyes and some deeper ones on my forehead. Before I started using Strivectin I was using Olay products. I've got to say, that I think the Olay products worked better and they cost a fraction of the price. I'm definitely going back to the Olay products.

Did Not Work For Me So far I have used almost a full bottle of this and have not seen any improvement or results. It is a expensive product and I had hoped to see some results. I will go back to less expensive products that actually work.

I've only tried Strivectin a few times but look forward to seeing what it can do for me!

I got the cream for under you eyes to remove dark circles. So far, I haven't seen much improvement, but I understand that I need to give it two weeks to see anything.

I received the sample and starting using day and night. I noticed i was getting dry patches so I switched to just using it at night. It is a good cream and does make my face feel firmer. I am not sure that it is worth the cost though as there are other products that I felt worked just as well and cost less. Still it is a good cream.

I just received my sample of the wrinkle cream. I love the way it feels. It is too early to tell if it is working. But I think I will use it longer because I love the feel. I usually don't like creams they are too heavy and opt for serums but this is light and cooling.

I received my sample of Strivectin SD last week and have been using it everyday. I like the way it feels and even though it is way too early to say but I think it is helping. My face feels smoother and I think is beginning to look less dry. I like the minty cool feeling and will keep using it. I hope and another few weeks I can really see the difference.

I love this as a daily moisturizer. At 34, I am beginning to get fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I can't say that it has helped much with these, but I used to get a pillow crease on my face every morning that often took a couple of hours to go a way completely. It was so obvious, it was embarrassing. After a month or so of using this cream, my skin is so hydrated that I haven't woken up with a crease on my face since. Yes, it is spendy. But if you shop carefully you can find rather deep discounts. Plus a little goes a long way. The overall consistency of my skin is improved by probably 60% and I NEVER get breakouts. I'm hooked.

I received a sample, it did help withe the fine lines around my eyes but it's more than I'm willing to spend.

I received my sample of StriVectin-SD in Sept. and I have been using it moring and night for about 6 weeks. At first I was not sure I liked it, but as the weeks went by I began to like the feel of it on my face. I do have small wrinkles on my forehead and around the eyes and I can't say that they magically disappeared, but I also felt that some of the real small ones were fading. I give it a definite 'Thumbs-Up" and well worth a try.

I received my sample of Strivectin and i must say i really like the way it makes my skin feel. It's not greasy and i can wear it under makeup without the shine. I notice a small difference in my wrinkles around my eyes and mouth.

I have been using this product once a day for the past 7 months. I have noticed a difference in teh appearance of my skin. My crows feet are a lot lesss tahnn what they used to be and my skin does look more youthful. It is pricy, but you can find some great deals on this product at large bulk stores or discount stores that carry name brand items for less.