Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

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This might taste okay but following all instructions they always burn. Too hard to bite.

Stouffers French Bread Pizza I love Stouffers French Bread Pizza, the crust has an amazing taste, its one of the best dough flavors I have ever tasted... The toppings are good but, I personally add more cheese and toppings I love my pizza loaded...

Good pizza from the Microwave or toaster oven. These pizzas are good and super easy to prepare. Even my youngest son can make them by himself (he's an independant guy). The kids love them after school. Super quick in the microwave with no mess, no fuss.

Use to be better They use to taste better than they do now. Nice easy snack or dinner when your in a hurry. If cooked to long the bread does get way to hard though.

The perfect size for one person!!! Such a good dinner item if you're in a rush!!

The perfect size for one person!!! Such a good dinner item if you're in a rush!!!

I have been eating this pizza for years -ever since it hit the market- and I still love it. It's hard to go wrong with anything Stouffer's. Great crust, sauce and toppings. Very satisfying and filling.

All four of us love the taste of these! I must admit though, they're a but pricey. We get them if it's a good sale. We also like the variety you get because we all like different ones. We get one box of pepperoni, one or two grilled veggie, one sausage and pepperoni and one supreme. We wait for sales because we need so many lol.

Great pizza. Best when cooked in a toaster oven. Microwave is just never the same.

Great snack food! I usually buy them when I can get them on sale tho. I love the crunchy outside and the gooey cheese. I use the micro bake way to make them and they always turn out just right.

I eat this on a weekly basis. Its easy to cook and the taste is GREAT. There are different varieties of the pizza and many ways to cook it. I.e. Microwave, oven, toaster oven. You can eat one for lunch then save the second for tomorrow or however you choose.

I love to take this to work and have for lunch. Very tasty!!


The french bread pizza is tasty and feeling

These french bread pizzas are actually pretty tasty. I like to eat them every now & then. However, it does have a lot of artificial ingredients.