e.l.f Cosmetics Zit Zapper

e.l.f Cosmetics Zit Zapper

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Love this product. $1 @ eyes.lips.face.com. I didnt know how I was going to feel about this product but I have only used it for 5 days now and I had a huge breakout before receiving this (almost like my face was giving me a challange) and here I am with a clear face again. It is made with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor. It has a little strong order but it goes away in seconds. I love all the elf products so far. Oh and its not just for teen skin I am 28 and it worked just fine.

Whats not to love? Its $1 and contains great acne fighting ingredience. Its not harsh on the skin like other products. Plus its compact size makes it great to throw into your handbag and use whenever.

For a DOLLAR you can't go wrong. Ive been using it for about three weeks and noticed it clearing up my skin within the first couple days. Don'es over dry skin either like other acne products.

Bought for $1 on their website. Didn't think it would work but it definitely did. I will be ordering more.

I was a bit skeptical at first because it is only $1 on the ELF website and at Target but after using it for about 3 weeks now, It definitely worked for me. It is easy to apply, small and convenient to take and use anywhere. It clears up my acne and zits within a couple days and is a great product especially for the price.

This should be in every persons skin care arsenal. It's 1$ for a product that many skin care lines over charge for; simple salicylic acid. While salicylic acid doesn't instantly get rid of blemishes, it does help them diminish in size and prevents them from getting worse. This is a great product to dot on before applying concealer to a blemish, or before bed. I like to layer this product on, allowing each layer to dry before applying more to a problem area. I would advise to apply this directly onto the blemish, not all around the skin to prevent irritation. Another great product from E.L.F, great to add to your cart to get to the free shipping mark, or to pick up on your next drug store run.

I seriously love to wear this under my foundation , it helps conceal all of my imperfections. :)

its only $1. such a steal. it doesn't seem to ever run out and it works great! i had a few breakouts and irritations, i put this on and the next day, it seems to get better!

I HATE the smell of this product, it smells like pine needles mixed with alcohol. But besides the smell, the products works good for me. As soon as I notice a new zit forming I roll this right over it, within about 15-30 minutes, the swelling and redness does go down and makes the zit cover-able with make-up. My zits do seem to go away a little faster when I use this, but of course it won't go away overnight. I do find that this does dry out the skin, so do not roll this all over your face, its meant to be a spot treatment.

Like the other reviewers, I do too love that this item is only $1. However, I don't think that it really worked for me. It definitely did reduce some of the redness that I had but it didn't do much to making my pimples and acne go away. I do love that it's small and a roller ball though. I probably would not repurchase but I do recommend it because I think it's just a different effect for everyone.

Its not magice but it does help reduce pimples slightly.

The product itself is great, took care of most of my major acne in a couple of days & is great for sudden breakouts! My problem is with the application tool. The ones I received (I ordered 2) were brush tipped, and white brushes at that. The formula is clear, so you can't see if there is any on the brush and you just have to hope there is enough on there/ it's not just a little damp from the last time you used it. It is hard to see, if the formula or the brush were a different color it would be much better!