HBO Entourage

HBO Entourage

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Amusing adult comedy about being thrown into the glass bowl of fame and stardom.

My husband loves this show and I watch it with him. I don't see the fascination with "being famous", but I guess if you enjoy the idea- you will like this show. It is funny and has great characters, I just get bored with the whole "Hollywood" crowd thing! Great cameos.

I do like this show but as the seasons have gone on I do have to say that this past one was a little disappointing. They are taking things in different directions than I'd hope for but that's just me. I would still recommend it to friends but if there are more episodes I hoep they get better...

I haven't come across a show like Entourage in quite some time. Not since Friends was on the air have I been so hooked to a TV show. Entourage is the perfect blend of comedy, drama and sarcasm. Much like Sex in the City, this men's version of that show is pure comedy. Although the show is only 30 minutes (without commercials), the show is quick witted, smart and funny. Having watched it religiously for the past 6 seasons, this new 7th season is supposed to be even better. I would recommend this show to anyone and everyone. Although it seems like a show geared towards men since the majority of the show is comprised of men, I find that a lot of women watch it as well since some of the guys on the show, particularly Vince played by cutie Adrien Grenier, is easy on the eyes. Just watching one show, no matter what season, will get you hooked onto the series and you'll be out renting or buying the DVD's to catch up.