Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

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This is the BEST gel eyeliner out there! I've tried Coastal Scents, L'Oreal and Paula's Choice eyeliners, and Bobbi Brown's is truly the BEST quality! It goes on easily and lasts all day without ANY smudges:) The gel itself doesn't dry up like all the others do...I spent more money trying to find a cheaper eyeliner and spent twice the amount of what 1 Bobbi Brown eyeliner would have cost! Gee whiz...

I just purchased this eyeliner and it is amazing. It goes on very smooth and does not budge after it dries. I even tried sleeping with it and my eyes were not in the least bit irritated in the morning and the liner looked freshly applied. All of this is an absolute miracle since I live in HUMID South Florida where everything runs.

Best eyeliner on the market!

I recently purchased the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and LOVE it... go get it girls!!!!!

This is my favorite gel eyeliners! It's really the best! No pulling or tugging on the delicate eye area to get that great look. And it lasts all day with no smudging or falling into the corners of the eyes! I would definitely purchase this again when I run out.

I'm a Sephora Junkie. I usually buy high end cosmetics but I have a baby now & I feel guilty spending so much money on makeup now so I've turned to cheaper alternatives. I saw a co-worker wearing this gel liner & asked her what it was. When she told me it was drugstore makeup I got excited because it looked like high end makeup. I went out & bought it. I was so glad I did. It gives a great line. It's a great quality gel liner for the price. My tip would be to first apply it at the middle of the lash line and draw the line out towards the end of the lash line. Then go back to the beginning of the lash line & connect it to where you started at. I read some people had smudge problems which I don't but if you do try setting it with some eyeshadow of the same shade which is easy you take a eyeliner brush dab it in the shadow then just go over the line.

I recently switched from Almay liners to this Bobbi Brown liner. I always thought that jet-black was a bit harsh, so I opted for Caviar, a very dark brown-black for a bit more softness. I expected the color to be more brown, so maybe I will choose Chocolate next time. However, the formula is very smooth, but it does dry out. I have solved this by putting a bit of skin-friendly Argan oil on the liner brush and THEN using the liner. This has "restored" it to its original perfection! It does last a VERY long time, and doesn't smudge unless you purposely rub against the marks. I have had the same small pot for almost 5 months, and I have barely made a dent in the liner- this last a LOOOONG time! Overall, excellent formula, great value and a favorite in my book!

Easy and smooth application. It's amazing but make sure you have a good brush

One of my favorite eyeliners. A bit pricey but worth it.

it very light on my skin (:

Works well. Very pigmented. Doesn't smudge. Can use a little and it covers a large area. Although, there are drugstore brands that are the same quality for a lot less.

i've heard so many wonderful things about this product. i cant wait to try it out =]