CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

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This product is not for me! I did not like this makeup at all. I have sensitive dry skin, but I also get occasional breakouts. I like moisturizing foundation that does not irritate or breakout my skin, so I thought I'd try this. The makeup didn't seem very moisturizing, and it just sat on my skin and was a little cakey. It also emphasized the tiny hairs on my face making them more noticeable. I was disappointed with this product, especially for the high price!

I tried it and thankfully got it half price..It def settled into the laugh lines on my face. It did fit my color though. I used it a bit and through it out..

I like the coverage it provides. But after a few hours dries out a little on your skin. Seems to come off fairly easily to. Product in compact doesn't seem to last as long as other foundations.

I did not like this product. I thought it made my skin feel dry and just did not look right, and I thought it was expensive too.

This is a nice product. It makes me feel fresh and clean. It can be somewhat clumpy if it isn't put on just right though.

I have been using this product not as a foundation but a concealer. For this it is 4STARS! As a foundation...only 3. Consistancy is a bit dry for all over face use. I use it as a spot concealer over moisturizer. Does last quite a while, and dosent clod pores. Have a few back-ups of this incase they stop making it.

I also didn't like it at first.. But using less made it much better.

When I first tried this line, I loved the way it glided on my skin, though with regard to the blush, I found the color too strong, even when using a light touch. During the summer, I tend to not use foundations, and found that my foundation dried out (lost all of its Olay), even though it was tightly closed. Also, I have oily skin, and after a couple of hours of wearing this foundation, my skin would become very oily. I am going to check off no for the recommendation, however, that would be for those with my skin type (oily), for those with dry skin, it would be a great product.

This is great for dry skin and skin with freckles/blemishes. Does a good job at covering.

I have used this product but am not very excited with the results. It is a little difficult to apply evenly and in my case it makes me feel and look fake.

This foundation I found to be super creamy in texture. I don't have "aged" skin, but I do suffer from moderate acne. With this foundation is was super easy to blend out. However it did not provide a "full coverage" for me. The coverage was that similar to a BB or CC cream. I found out after half way through my day that it was fading away. I did apply a primer before, however the coverage was dwindling down as the day progressed.

This product has good coverage and a light feeling... but it's a little on the expensive side. I have combination oily/dry skin, and my oily spots do not feel shiny by the end of the day. I also have an uneven complexion - the dark spots around my eyes do shine through if I don't use another concealer, so that is something to think about if you are looking for a one stop solution. It doesn't seem to last as long as others that I have tried, either... I have recommended this to friends and family, and have been relatively happy with the product.

Gets 3 stars. It covers up okay. Unfortunately, it dries the hell out of your skin. So be sure to put on a good lotion after taking off makeup and 10 minutes before putting on makeup.

I have also tried this makeup - and I don't like the coverage that the foundation gives. I also tried the blush and was not impressed. My skin is dry and I didn't think either product blended well. However, I really liked the corrector and concealer and would buy those again.

I have really enjoyed trying this foundation. Surprised. the color matched me perfect, which is rare for me. The feel of this make up on the face is nice, not caked on, light with a pleasant fragrance, for me. The long lasting foundation makes for a nice welcome on busy days, with little time alloted for "me" time. It offers a nice coverage, washing away uneven skin tones, including redness. I believe it also helps with the fine lines on your face, especially regarding the flawless skin apperance when applied with other make up products. I plan on purchasing COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless 3 in 1 in the future. I was given this product for FREE for my honest opinion. COVERGIRL Olay