Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

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Who doesn't love Mario Bros. This is one of my favorite games. I was so excited to share it with my boys when they started to play video games. It is one of the only games we all enjoy playing together.

I enjoyed this game it's like the classics but fun for the new generation. it didn't take to long and it was to short of a game.

Love Mario! The whole family plays together.

Love playing Mario games. To me it very addicting and i can play it over and over an never get tired of it.

Absolutely love this! My husband and I played this game together. It was fun to be able to play multiple players at one time. The side scrolling movement was nostalgic because it was like the old mario games, it was a nice change from a lot of the other games out now that are 3D.

This game started it all for my son. He first played it when he was 6 years old. The controls were early and he hooked from day one. It was also nice to introduce the Nintendo family to my kids since my husband and I both grew up playing Super Mario Bros.

Classic game my husband and I play together.

This is a classic game that my kids and I did enjoy until our wii got knocked out by a storm recently.

i love this game.

Best game for the Wii hands down!!! You can play 4 people at once instead of taking turns like in the old days

I LOVE MARIO, Me and my family like to play. It is a great family game and we have lots of fun. I recommend geting this if you like games that family can all play. It is a awsome single player game to!

Awesome game I have been a Mario addict since high school this version of supermario is the closest to the original for wii. I saw they have a part 2 out and I can't wait to buy it.

I use to love Super Mario Bros. as a kid on the old Nintendo. Now, my kids play it on the Wii. This game if great and everyone can play. It is a game for the whole family, this game never gets old, you just learn new tricks. As my daughter says riding the the little dragons or using Luigi and a trampoline and the both my girls get to giggling. Well worth the money for the laughter that is involved in playing.

It's fun! I love the multiplayer option. My family and I play it regularly.

In our household, everyone plays Mario! It doesn't matter if they are 3 or 53, this game never gets old. Level too hard? Pick another! Lost too many lives? Go back and get some more! Not only does this game bring back memories from all the times I've played the older versions over the years, but now my children will get to have those same experiences too!