Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

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OOps!!! Sorry wrong game don't know how to delete my comment :) Plus should be 5 stars don't know why it marked 1!!!!!

Loved the original game way better. This super mario is fun, but they didnt really mix things up that much, so it makes it super easy to play if you played the old one.

lotsof fun loads of levels and very challanging

I wanted to like this. I really did. I was so excited when I saw they were making a side scroller with 2-player capabilities. I really hoped for something like the older Mario games from NES and SNES. This didn't quite cut it. They tried really hard but fell flat. Something was missing, and I eventually got to the point where I stopped caring. My husband and I both agree about this, and neither of us ever finished the game.

It was a fun game. The Wii is very limited though.

This is a great game for the family, my sisters only come during the holidays and whenever they do we always play this together, it's fun, it's family appropriate, and it's a game where you can have a good time.

Awesome game! Great for those days/nights you want to stay home but do something like family game night!

A great upgrade to the original game. Especially like that it's multi-player

This game is very challenging, but super fun. I love how interactive it is with the controler instead of just some simple push an arrow button and hold down the A or B button. You can actually tilt the remote and shake it and everything. Also, it's more difficult to play with a partner at times but also give you an advantage when it comes to defeating the bosses in the castles. It reminds me just of the old mario on the super nintendo again. Oh the days.

I think this game is really fun and so do my kids! They can't stop playing it and we have a friendly family competition every week to see who can get the furthest! It's like the classic game which I really like!

This game is great to play alone, for the "child at heart," or for a group. It is much harder to play with more than one player at a time, but makes some aspects of the game easier. The levels are difficult for small children, but older children and adults alike will enjoy beating the rounds.

What a great version of Mario. I still remember when I was little and I had the nintendo with Mario. Now this video game is totally awesome you feel like you are inside of the game. Mi kids are always playing this video game. I REALLY recommend it.

I usually like mario games and this one's no different. I haven't completed it yet but it plays like the games I remembered as a child so if you're a bit nostalgic or just into mario games I'd recommend buying this.

Even more fun than I remember as a kid

I'm 25 years old and I love this game. I don't really play video games by myself but when I have friends come over we loves to have a couple drinks and play Wii. Mario is fun because you can play with multiple players, and its way more entertaining then the generic Wii sports games. Its also easy enough that if my nieces or nephews come over its fun for them too!