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I very much enjoyed the storyline even more than the special effects, which were awesome!

Great movie, my kids and I love it and have watched it several times. It's a good one for the whole family

I am not a sci-fi fantasy movie kind of person so when this movie came out I had no interest in going to see it. My husband really wanted to watch it so when it came on demand we ordered it and had a movie night in our living room. BOY WAS I WRONG because this was a really really great movie! I loved every minute of it and I would recommend it to anyone! Its for all ages and has a lot of good lessons in it! One of my favorite movies now

Really great movie. Love the 3d animation

This was one of my a lover of nature so it really hit home for me and i always love a good love story! Everyone should see this movie atleast once! Fantastic!

I absolutely love.this movie. Seen it on blueray at a friends. The visual and special effects were awesome. The story line and acting was great. A definite add to your collection movie.

This movie was fantastic.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. Avatar is 5 stars! The graphics & computerized movie really wow'd my nieces & nephews.

pretty cool movie with great graphics...reminded me a lot of what is happening to the world present and past...

I love this movie! Very entertaining.

Great family movie. Stunning visual effects. Good moral to the story line. My entire family loved it!

One of the best movies I've seen... I saw this movie on the big screen,no 3D....and wanted to see it again! This time in IMAX 3D....OMG!...The difference is breathtaking!... I felt like I was really there!...The down side of that is, every movie I see in 3D, I compare to this movie...and it just doesn't rate! Even if you've never seen it in 3D...this movie is AWESOME! The story line and characters are great!


BEAUTIFUL creatures, scenes, everything. A MUST watch in 3D. Movie makes you feel like you are there and it has a wonderful plotline. I cannot wait till the second one

This is a great movie. I would recommend anyone watch it. My two children ages 6 and 7 like it as well. The graphics are beautiful. It's one of those movies I could watch over and over.