Montagne Jeunesse Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque

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I have tried this brand a couple times and will continue to use it. These masks worked well and were not expensive. They would make great stocking stuffers.

i have used these before too an am very happy with them. There are alot of differerent varieties for different types of skin and they are CHEAP so its a good way to pamper yourself and not really spend much. Got mine at WalMart too.

I bought my first Montagne Jeunesse mask from Wal-Mart years ago, and expected little from a $2.00 product, but was surprised at how well it worked to deep clean my pores. It is also self heating & feels good to use. You can get 3 masks out of one 'single use' package, so I make a small hole then save the rest in a zip lock baggie to be used later. (Or split it with my sisters.)

I love these masks! There are several different kinds and I have liked all of the ones I've tried. They are pretty cheap. The make great "Happy Day" gifts. When I notice one of my colleages is down at school, I'll sometimes stick one with a little note in their mailbox. Quick and easy way to give someone a pick me up. I wish they carried them more consistently in stores though.

I love all the masks!