Target up & up Diapers

Target up & up Diapers

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These diapers are awesome! My daughter has a hard to fit body type ( big but, skinny legs) and most diapers leak. These diapers fit well and never leaked. They have amazing absorption for over night for those super soaker, and not one time did my daughter have gel crystals on her when I changed a overnight diaper. The price is also a plus.

I purchase these brand of diapers for my son and they work better than any other brand of diaper I have used on him. They are very absorbant and stretchy

Work really well for my slender son, even now as he's potty training. Better fit and absorbency than other brands, rarely leak, and most importantly don't give him a rash like some of the brand names.

Only diaper which doesn't cause rash to my baby.It's affordable and it!

best priced diapers for great quality and the best part is its wonderful for those sensitive little bums. No crazy additives which is great. Target always has great deals and coupons as , not to mention how cute they are.

I LOVE the Target Up & Up Diapers. The design is cute & the price is right! I have never had a problem with leaks during the daytime or overnight. I've used them from size 1 to my twin boys current size 5.

Great diaper, great price! These have never failed my two boys!

Super cute design and even better price! Amazing quality! I used them on my daughter and never had any leaks!

I have used Target brand diapers for both of my children and they have worked wonderfully. I do not have trouble with the tapes, and the diapers have caught many "big blowouts". I wish there were more "cute" options available in them, but the current polka dot pattern is better than the plain white that was my only option with my first child 7 years ago. I did not like Pampers because of the smell they made when they were wet (though I loved the cloth feel), and while Huggies worked well for my kids, the Target brand was less expensive and worked just as well. I have been extremely satisfied and will continue to buy them until my 8 month old is potty-trained.

These diapers do not leak even after wearing all night. And the best thing is that they are so much cheaper than name brand diapers. I actually perfer them over LUVS and Huggies.

I think these diapers are great, especially considering the price! Two kids in diapers at one time is not cheap! The tabs do stick a little too well sometimes, but that is ok as I am throwing the diaper away anyways at that point. We rarely have leak issues. Love them!

Only brand I use now is up and up by target. I liked them better before the renovation in April I think it was. They still work, the outside is just a little rough. I like the price vs quantity. You get a lot for your buck. They leak on occasion, mostyly night time when he has had a lot to drink. I LOVE these diapers. Even with the occasional leaks, I gave 5 stars.

I stated using these diapers after trying every brand including Pampers, Luvs and Huggies on my son and having them leak. A friend recommended Target's diapers and I am so glad I tried them, no more leaky diapers. The main steam diapers kept my son dry during the day but not over night. Target's Up brand kept him dry all night and I continued to use them with great success with my third child. As long as you have the proper size they will not leak, if they start leaking move up a size.

After trying many different brands, I found that UP&UP from Target works the best!! We have had many issues with other brands, especially during night time. We switched to the target brand a couple weeks ago and havent had a leak since. Would strongly recommend!

We usually have good luck with these but they just recently changed them and we have had a few leaks with the new design.