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  • klinder By  klinder    

    Expensive but work great. We lean toward an off brand but only use Pampers overnights because they really are the best.

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  • So_adktve By  So_adktve    

    Love these

    Pampers swaddlers have been our choice in diapers for our 5 month old. They're soft, absorbent and look comfortable for him. Also, don't forget to join the pampers club, scan your wipes/diapers and get cash back or coupons towards next purchases... And lord knows you will be buying more so it helps lol

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  • bbaby14u By  bbaby14u    

    My go to diaper products. One of the few diapers that truly do not leak on me. I love them.

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  • Ericabrooke94 By  Ericabrooke94    

    Favorite brand

    I fell in love with pampers products. The quality is amazing and love how it holds longer and doesn't leak. The design is cute and simple that I've seen. Oh most importantly the pampers rewards is definitely great.

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  • Fseluia By  Fseluia    

    Love this product!

    One of my favorite diaper products. I love the strip that tells me if my baby has a wet diaper or not. I think these are definitely top tier.

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  • TellAllAmy By  TellAllAmy    


    Best diapers. Absorbent. Always trusted for our littles!

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  • BetsyL72 By  BetsyL72    

    Pampers is one of the cheapest but BEST diapers. They absorb a lot and fit my granddaughter well. I used these on both of my kids when they were little because they were allergic to all of the others.

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  • hwag29 By  hwag29    

    Pampers Pure FTW!

    When my son was a newborn, they sent us home with Huggies, and we quickly changed from them to Pampers Pure. They hold so much moisture, and rarely blow out! Now he's in size 3 and we are still going strong with the Pures. Not that it really matters, but I love the different designs they have on them!

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  • Chamfofanah By  Chamfofanah    

    Leaks all the time

    Unfortunately my son leaks with pampers diapers. We had to switch to huggies and it worked fine

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  • sunnay By  sunnay    

    Love them!

    The BEST brand ever! I love the line that shows when baby has peed. They hold much more than other brands. They fit well! I have to buy more! :)

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  • Extremelyhonest01 By  Extremelyhonest01    

    Great product

    Absolutely love pampers. Always used them on my son and would use them again. So easy to assemble and soft. Comforting and flexible for baby. No rash or thighs compressing marks

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  • Jackiesandstoe By  Jackiesandstoe    

    Love these diapers

    I love pampers. My son makes it through the night, no leaking. He can wiggle all he wants and the diaper stays in place.

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  • DansLadyRy By  DansLadyRy    

    Pampers is the only brand I've been able to use on my daughter and they have always held up. The cruisers have given just the right amount of extra room needed for daily movement. I will always recommend this brand.

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  • Laura9 By  Laura9    

    Good Diapers

    A little pricey, but great diapers. These are my preferred ones.

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  • DestinySpeaking96 By  DestinySpeaking96    

    I started my newborn out in Pampers and never had any problems with them. However, when she got older we had problems with her peeing through her diapers and had to switch to a different brand. Perfect for my newborn though.

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