Sephora Eau Girl Fragrance Deluxe Sampler

Sephora Eau Girl Fragrance Deluxe Sampler

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The assortment was becoming to me.I like dthe idea that you were able to choose a different fragance to meet your mood and entertainment. If I got this set free to explore and try I would be a HAPPY LADY. I haven't been given a opportunity to be sent any thing new to try yet. But I think it will be fun and with much taste.

i love this product.... it contains Very Irrestitible...Givenchy Ralph... Ralph Lauren Bright Crystal...Versace Clean..Clean Prada Milano de 'iris... Prada Princess.. Vera Wang Miss Dior Cherie.. Dior Omnia Jade Green.. Bvlgari in the end they are $5 dollars(U.S.) each. a great deal if you consider how much each would cost at the drugstore... around 15 each!!! the scents are positively amazing... the only one i feel at all unsavory is CLEAN i dont no but it has a slightly coying scent... very heavy to me but it is a scent that my friend was happy to take of my hands. i love the fact that the bottles are the shape of the actual one... and i think that it is awesome!! it ends up being about .95 oz which for the perfumes included 40 dollars is a low price that is totally worth it....

This is a wonderful sent!

I love the Sephora Fragrance Sampler , It is the one gift I ask for every year. The one I got was a little different. I got 12 sample vials and a certificate for a full size bottle of my choice. I love the fun of trying all the different scents and seeing which ones I love the most then going shopping months later to pick my favorite. This is the best gift for any woman. Sure to please.

What girly girl doesn't like perfume. But as women we all have our own ideas of what a great scent or perfume is and with sampler sets its a great way to help someone special experience multiple scents to eventually find their favorite or find out whether or not it they like them all or none. I love the Miss Dior Cherrie and the Versace Bright Crystal. I found this out with my set. Very happy with the results and gave away the ones i did not like so they would not go to waste.

Loved all the scents. I would categorize the scent selection as 'playful' - which totally fits the bill for me!

great way to try perfumes cheep