Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie MIx

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie MIx

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I don't like it. My cookie preference is softer and firmer. These are not good to give children because there is sure to be a mess to clean up later!

For a gluten free opion is good. Hits the cook craving. However, I prefur the brownie mix.

Not a bad gluten free product! But then eating gluten free is never going to be eating non gluten. We recently found out that our grand daughter has celiac and gluten is no longer our diet. I am learning as we go. Breads, desserts, all a thing of the past. Until finally Betty Crocker is stepping up to the "Dessert"plate!

Definitely satisfies the cravings for this celiac. I love the brownie mix, too!

Pretty good for gluten free! My fiancé family has the gluten allergies so now I mostly cook\bake gluten free because you never know whose coming over for dinner. And I have to say these bad boys are a hit most out of the box gluten free bread\cookies\crackers ect. Just fall apart or crumble in your hands after baking them but these are moist and almost the real deal! Yummmm

Can't believe they're so easy As someone who eats gluten free it can be so hard to find some quick dessert idea to make that I am actually able to eat. I tried these out of desperation after inviting people over and my friends could not tell they were gluten free. The taste is great! I will definitely purchase these again.

I love this...I made it as a cookie bar and it is so yummy. It is not the same as a regular cookie but satisfies my craving without the gluten which makes me sick!

They taste amazing. You cant even tell they're gluten free!