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  • Kellymcc35 By  Kellymcc35    

    good thriller

    This is a remake of the version from 1972. This remake was good. I liked the thriller part and the revenge part of it. It was good that justice prevailed in this movie. It will keep you on the edge of your seat also!

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  • Karenpritchard25 By  Karenpritchard25    

    This is the best movie I ever saw every one needs to watch it

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  • Alisha1520 By  Alisha1520    

    Awesome movie!!! I saw it so many times! A must see!

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Anyone who watched the original should have known how it would be. I thought it was a decent remake.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    watched this at the movies and the rape scene made about 20 ppl walk out...a bit too graphic...

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  • bubbymama09 By  bubbymama09    

    I've had this movie for a while now, but just watched it this past weekend. Although some scenes were extremely graphic, the suspense was intoxicating. The plot of the movie had a very realistic feel to it. So glad that good prevailed over evil!

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    I didn't find it to be scary. It wasn't really interesting, and the rape scene was disgusting.

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  • mtgtj50 By  mtgtj50    

    kept me on my toes

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    I hated this movie. It was slow moving & I despised the rape scene.

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  • Mgiallor By  Mgiallor    

    I was very happy with this movie. The cinematography was spectacular and the cast was spot on. It was classic horror and showed great character development. It gives the sense that a "monster(s)" could be living right next door (or in your guest house).

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  • shweetie72 By  shweetie72    

    good movie and I own it now too

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  • Sweetelbell By  Sweetelbell    

    This movie gave me so much anxeiety, almost made me sick! I'll just say it was very memorable.

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  • clarissa79 By  clarissa79    

    The movie was pretty scary, but they could have done without the microwave scene at the end, that just made it cheesy..

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  • sherri5061 By  sherri5061    

    Pretty good for a scary movie. Good to see a movie where the bad guys get it in the end.

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  • simplicity738 By  simplicity738    

    The movie is, admittedly, quite graphic with the rape scene. I had to fast forward through that because it just was too awful for me to bear watching. As far as the rest of the movie, I'd say it was pretty decent. The "bad guys" got what was coming to them and the parents were completely justified in doing what they did, especially with the microwave. Five stars, but moved to four because of the lengthy and relatively graphic rape scene. Still worth watching...of course with no children present.

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