Eureka Pet Pal Paw Vaccuum

Eureka Pet Pal Paw Vaccuum

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I only buy Eureka vacuums. They are reliable and very reasonably priced.

Love the attachment Vacuum was average to below average in vacuuming the floor. I did like the small handle attachment with the rotating brush. It help to clean chairs and couches.

A seriously flawed vacuum. I bought this a few years ago and it stopped working after 8 months to one year. Which is longer than my two Airspeeds lasted (also Eureka- at one month and 2.5 months) First the regular vacuum stopped sucking. I even took it apart. No blockages. Then all I had was the hose. I would be painstakingly vacuuming my 8X11 rug or a floor and it would just shut off. I would check inside and nothing. After a few hours or days, it would turn on the next time, but do it again. Once it stopped working for months. When it works, the hose is below average. I believe the reason it stops working and shuts off, is that there is a design flaw. Dust and debris collect on the mesh under the vacuum canister instead of going inside. Eventually it clogs the entire thing and that is why it shuts off. If you clean it off, it usually starts again. Sometimes it starts without cleaning it only to die minutes later. But having to pull off the cylinder to pull off debris every 2 minutes is not normal. I do not know why it worked for 8 months to a year, possibly something broke inside? But a vacuum that cannot handle more than 2 minutes of dust and grime? The other reviewer also mentioned debris hitting them. That happened to me too- getting pelted with tiny pieces of dirt, etc. AVOID Eureka!!

I really want to try this product.

The product is about average for a low to medium end price vaccuum. It requires some serious assembly to get started but the directions are very clear on how to assemble. It does a fair job of cleaning my low and medium height carpets of visible dirt. My biggest complaint is that when wearing sandals and vaccuuming I can actually feel bits of debris hitting my toes and getting stuck under the soles of my feet. I do like and use the attached duster which has it's own canister. Put the duster back in the canister and flip a lever and the vaccuum sucks the dust right off and into the bagless canister.