Burt's Bees  Acne Purifying Gel Cleanser

Burt's Bees Acne Purifying Gel Cleanser

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I absolutely love all of Burt's Bees products. I love natural ingredients for skin care. Usually things like salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide typically don't help my skin. It just dries my skin out. Typically can't afford Burt's Bees. I usually get basis face wash bars. They are all natural. This is a great product!

I love the way my skin feels after I have washed it off.

Refreshing and cleansing. Does exactly as it says it will without harsh smells or burning sensation on the skin. Effective at keeping my skin clean and helping to combat acne.

Love this stuff. Gets skin clean without drying.

I love this cleanser. Yes, it is thin when you first put it on your hands, but what I like to do is rub it together before applying it to my face. This thickens the cleanser up a bit. My skin always feels so clean after washing with this cleanser. I also use the Burts Bees spot treatment to dry up those problem areas. It works amazingly well, but the downside is the not so pleasant smell.

I actually use it, it actually works. I've had reactions to chemical salicylic acid preparations in the past, I was skeptical, but tried this one and have been really impressed. It cleared up my mild acne. Its a fluid more than a gel, but with careful use the bottle has lasted a long time.

I have not tried this specific product, but I like Burt's Bees in general. Good stuff.

I too received this from Bzzagent.com (love that program!) and would have to agree with jjmix7, I found the cleanser watery and it didn't foam up like I thought it would. The acne spot treatment I have to say is awesome. I had a pimple that I used the spot treatment on and within 2 days it was gone! Also, it did not leave my skin dried out like other acne spot treatments do. Love it! The only complaint I have is the application of it. They need to put a swab stick or something in it. Right now it's just a drip top that I guess you're suppose to drip the product on to your finger or something.

I also received the product from BzzAgent and am very disappointed! the product is so WATERY that I feel like half of it is running through my fingers when I go to wash my face! If they make it thicker then I would love the product. It has a great smell and seems to work great for my skin. I am afraid to throw it in my gym bag to take to the locker room because the product is so watery I am afraid it will leak all over my other stuff.

I also received this product from bzzagent.com and, while I really do like the burts bees spot treatment, am not really that fond of the cleanser. The consistency I think is off... I dont know what to do with it, is it supposed to foam or do you just rub the water-like "gel" on your face? I was psyched about the product but so far dont love it.

I love this cleanser so much. I was sent this product by bzzagent.com. I have never tryed a gel cleanser but I like this one. It is 5 fl oz/145 ml. It does not take much of it at all, you can get this cleanser at your local drugstore. I hope you try this cleanser and love it.