e.l.f. Cosmetics  Mechanical Eyelash Curler

e.l.f. Cosmetics Mechanical Eyelash Curler

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Even though it's a dollar and a little hard to work with my eyelashes have never been able to keep a curl shape but now if I don't want to use mascara I don't have too!! I love it

I works exactly how it is supposed to; my eyelashes are just way too short for it to make much of a difference. Next time I will try a heated eyelash curler.

Decent for the money you pay. This is a pretty great product but it does start to wear off pretty easily. At some points it is awkward to use on your eyes and pinch your eyelids. But overall great product for the money spent on it.

Great product Love this eyelash curler. Never gets stuck from mascara and doesn't get clumpy or dirty too quickly. Great for the price.

I'd never used these before, until I got one in one of elf's get the look kits and I love it!

Got in a get the look package, I love it

Very functional, very useful, very good use of $1!!! Seriously this is a good buy =D

For the price its a great product. I use my hair dryer to heat up the pads just a bit before I use it to really get a great curl that lasts. Don't heat it too much or you can burn your eye, but it's a great trick for amazing curled lashes and much cheaper than the heated models on the market.

ADORE THIS! I am OBSESSED with this eyelash curler!! I can't even explain how this one is different from any other curler.... But it is!!! This curls my lashes better than any other one I have tried! I also love the inexpensive pricetag and the ease of being able to find this in about any drugstore! While each person has a different opinion and experience with every product or purchase, I do my best to provide the most helpful information that I personally experienced from this particular product. I hope this helps you!

A must have for any lady who loves to shape her eye lashes! I can't live without one.

Completely Curls I love this eyelash curler! I love the Revlon Salon Pro Lash Curler! It does not pinch my lashes! It's nice to finally find an eyelash curler that does not pull out lashes while using either! Every lash is curled! It's quick and easy!

For this price the item works just as good as an expensive brand. I love it

You can't beat the price, and it performs just as good as more expensive curlers. Have repurchased many times throughout the years.

Super easy to use. Super cute and super affordable!

This lash curler is awesome and it's only $1! You literally cannot beat it!