Aveeno Nourish+ Shampoo

Aveeno Nourish+ Shampoo

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I was very disappointed in this shampoo especially because I like a lot of Aveeno's products. To be fair I will say that I have curly hair which is by nature dry and frizzy. I was hoping the shampoo, which is a nourishing shampoo formula, would give it the needed moisture, but it left my hair feeling very heavy, which pulled the curls out, and even more frizzy than usual. It did not lather very well, and both my husband and I did not like the scent. Maybe if I had thin or fine hair it would have worked better, but I do not recommend this shampoo if you have naturally curly hair!

I tried this product when several months ago. I have mixed feelings about it. As far as negatives go, the shampoo does not lather enough. I assume it's not meant to because I've been told a lot of lather means the product it too harsh, but I like what I'm used to and I just couldn't shake the thought that my hair wasn't getting clean if there was little to no lather. I should mention that I have very long, but somewhat fine hair, if that makes a difference. As far as the conditioner goes, it, again, fell short. I typically use Pantene conditioner and the combination of conditioner and water makes my hair feel like silk as I finger comb it through my ends. Unfortunately, the Aveeno product does not do that. I was able to finger comb it though my ends, but it didn't go very smoothly and my hair just didn't feel moisturized enough. Out of the shower with the hair dry, I admit, my hair felt clean and soft. I enjoyed the shine. Over all, I like the final result, but low lathering shampoo and low moisturizing conditioner causes me to use more to compensate, and that combined with the high price per ounce, makes this product a pass.

i only tried the sample of both and the shampoo didnt lather and i couldnt comb the contitioner through. though my hair felt good afterwards, but it wasnt damaged to begin with. so i dont know

I tried the shampoo...I didn't feel as if it got my hair clean enough, it still felt greasy when it had dried.

I agree that this is a great product but I think I costs too much and you get too little

I love this shampoo. It is most definitely my new favorite, only downside to the stuff is the price.

The smell is fantastic. I thought it moisturized and lathered much better than other shampoos including Pantene. I really noticed a difference when lathering and scrubbing. This is a little pricier. I'm not 100% positive about this but I don't think there's one for color-treated hair. I would want that.

I thought this Shampoo and conditioner had a nice smell. I do agree that the shampoo does not lather enough. I have long thick hair and really should have had one use out of the free sample that says three washes. I split it in half and still did not have enough shampoo for the second wash. I have to add additional shampoo that I had to wash my entire head of hair. My son did however tell me that my hair was more shiny after the two washes.

This shampoo and conditioner is great. It really did make my hair feel healthier. However, it did have a bit of a chemical smell, but it is tolerable. My hair felt softer and silkier after just the first use. I've been using this product for about 2 months now and I really like it! You can usually find coupons for it on Aveeno's website.

I received a sample of this in the mail and I loved it. My hair felt very soft for 2 days!!

my friend's naturally wavy hair curled up beautifully with the Volumizing one - so I'm going to try for sure!

the shampoo and conditioner were amazing...i tried the travel size first and immediately went out to buy the regular size... it left my hair looking so healthy and shiny...also gave me some much needed volume... i use it religiously and mix up the types of formulas...any combination works great!

This is an excellent shampoo that can be purchased without having to pay salon prices. There have also been some great manufacturer coupons for this shampoo. My hair really feels clean and more healthy after using this shampoo. The conditioner was great at helping moisturize my dry damaged hair and to detangle.

Love this, a bit pricey though and not much product comes in it for the price. I do think I will buy it again. It did amazing things to my hair.

I ordered a sample of this shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I loved this product! It made my hair smell so good and feel great! Even my husband noticed that my hair smell great. I got a dollar off coupon and went to purchase the same product and could not find it at Walmart, so I looked at Target. They had the Aveeno shampoo brand but not in the type I wanted, for color treated hair. So I purchased one for dry damaged hair, and it doesn't smell as great as the one I sampled, but it works. As long as I can find coupons I will continue to buy (as long as I can find it).