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Blizzard World of Warcraft

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I'm a huge gamer, and I fell into playing World of Warcraft, I use to think that game was amazing. easily became addicted to playing, I got bad. for a whole year I did nothing but play . I was online playing WoW at least 19 hours a day. I got so bad I had even quit my job just to play. I stopped hanging out with my friends, diddnt leave the room but to eat and use the bathroom. FInally realized how it was affecting me, I almost ruined my relationship. quit cold turkey and it took me a year to finally get over it. now , I hate that game with a passion. very addicting.

If you would like to keep your relationship with your significant other do not play this game! My fiance played this game for 3 years, 16 hour days with a horrible yelling raid leader. He finally decided to join real life again 6 months ago and things have never been better.

My family (me, hubby, two sons) started playing WoW almost six years ago and were instantly addicted. It didn't last very long for me though because I find 99% of the people to be rude, bossy, impatient. Everyone assumes and expects everyone else to be a master and know every last bit there is to know about the game. That does not leave much for the more casual player (like me) who would prefer to gather and craft and do more solo-type things. If you're not PvPing or raiding or in large bossy groups doing instances, it takes a long time to level up and raise your skills and that becomes frustrating.

I played WoW for over 3 years and loved the game. It is a great game and you can control how much interaction you have or don't have with other players. I stopped playing because with two small children it was hard to lose hours of time playing this game. My husband still plays and it was fun to play the game together.

This game can be very addictive, but it is tons of fun if you follow their advice on the game tips "Play in moderation" My hubby and I play after the kids are in bed. :) There is a cost to them adding all the stuff though. There can be glitches and strange things. Its nice to play with friends and family from around the country thought. Not only can you play, but talk. There are also a variety of avenues you can take your "toon" on. You can do player vs. player, player vs. environment and you can do raids and battlegrounds... Or a combination. I have met amazing people while playing the game from many different ages ranging from (most often) 12-65. I think its a great way to bring people together and unite people that normally wouldn't spend time together in the real world. Though I think this game is great the factor of it being SO addictive and the factor of the glitches and lack of customer service at times (Lets just say opening a ticket and for EVERY problem they suggest you delete your WTF file) just isn't sufficient. Endless hours of playtime :)

Best online game I've ever played ^_^ I've even got my 53 year old mother playing lol The game can be addicting & you may run into some "unsavory" people that also play the game but you can just block them if you need to. It's an awesome game that has become the #1 family activity for Me, My Fiance, All of our Friends, & My Mother

I love WoW! If you have problems with profanity, all you have to do is turn on the filter for that and it will ** it out. They do have good parental controls. It is very addicting, but that is always a more personal issue with how you deal with it. I have 8 children inmy home and if I didn't have my own 'escape' from reality I know I would be insane. You do have to use good judgement as to when and how much time to play.

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My parents and siblings all play world of Warcraft. We have been playing since beta testing came out for the original (pre expansions) and we still play. Not only is it a great way to spend time as a family raiding, doing dungeons and pvping but you can also play alone and meet several great people who play in game. The expansion packs make it so there is always something to do in the game. If you prefer to PvP there are severs dedicated for player vs player play, as well as pve and role playing servers. All around a great game, can be extremely addictive!

I use to play this all the time!.. With my ex bf and our friends. It can be addicting when you play. I love games like these. Where you can level up, meet new people and play with the people you do know in real life. When i played i believe the highest level was 70 then 80.. and ive heard that it has gotten higher.. now that my brother and his friends play it. Ive met a few people on here that i still keep in touch with people that i met in the game even though i quit =).. There will be people that annoy you but there will also be people that you catch yourself constantly talking to. I think its a fun and great way to get away..

This is a wonderful game. It's very fun. You can play on your own, with people you know, or join random people. You can do quests or do dungeons/heroics/raids (hard to do on your own areas) to level yourself up or for fun. There are even a few places you can attack other people on the enemies side (real players, not computers and certain servers have it like this through the whole game). It all depends on what you like. They have little things on the side like Professions (blacksmith, leather maker, mining ect). They have achievements that are goals you can work towards getting. As you level up you get new spells/attacks almost every other level. Then when you don't get one you Usually get what is called a talent point, these help your attack/spells be better or can even give you a new power to use. There are a couple of races and classes so it for sure won't be hard to find one that you'll like. The game is always changing as well so it keeps you on your toes (including holiday stuff). I will agree with the people when they say there are a lot of immature people playing (usually those are kids, usually) and there are other people that take it way too seriously forgetting it's just a game. For the most part you can weed those people out if you are teamed up with them or you can block what people are saying. You can even set it up so it bleeps out cuss words. Anyway, My husband and I both play it and totally love it.

I would have to disagree with the not very social con here. I have friends I have met through the game, that even when I quit, I am still close with. Raid content and how intense it can get can make you really close to people. I also have friends that I met outside of WoW and found that the common link gave us hours of talking points.

I've played several MMORPGs and keep coming back to this one. World of warcraft is a great MMORPG. Your level of PVP, socializing, playing , etc is all up to you. IT is not designed to be a children's game - the user agreement clearly stated that from the beginning though they now allow one minor child to play per account as well as the main adult. If your child is going to play you should be aware of what they are doing and who they are hanging out with - as you should with any online social site or game ( or off computer interaction for that matter). PVP ( player vs player ) is not a required part of game play if you choose to stay out of it. There are plenty of servers where the general game play prohibits PVP altogether unless you are in specific areas or choose to duel. The content is constantly added to and bugs are usually fixed ASAP.

Sadly, I have to agree with the "con" part of the review which states that this game is addicting. The Screen shot show does the game no justice due to the fact that there are addon's added to make the game look advance/"cluttered", but they are really useful when gaming. Another few "con's" i would like to add to this which I find quite a lot is that: 1. Since this this an online game, you might find quite a few "immature" people ruining the game for you. 2. Its a game yet people take it WAY too seriously as if they had their arm aputated if they don't get the best "loot". OK maybe not to that extreme, but you get the picture. 3. A lot of QQ'in 4. Cussing 5. You might find yourself glued to your seat for long periods of time. 6. Popularity contest/favoritism

my husband plays this game everyday and loves it. I can not play for some reason 3d games make my sick to my stomach.