Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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i like it, the only problem i see is that a lot of times when i rent from here, the cd is scratched so bad! its time consuming to go back and try to get a replacement...

I used to love redbox because they always have good new movies but recently I got charged with no warning for a dvd I returned and they charged full price

Redbox has always been hit or miss for me. There is usually only one or two movies out of the selection that I would like to watch! I'm not crazy about the price increase, but its still cheaper than renting from iTunes or your cable ondemand. Lets just say I'm on the fence with it.

The quality of movies has really gone down. There used to be a time when I would always find something enjoyable. Now that's few and far between. It's all violence and demons.

Redbox is already outdated and that was only 10 years ago. It was definitely a step up from a Blockbuster but not by much. In recent visits to a redbox I rarely find anything that looks good to watch that I can't already watch for free on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or HBO. One of the better things about Redbox is that it is pretty convenient with how many there are around the country and that you can return it to any redbox closest to you. Overall, I think that it is going to be a thing of the past really soon

Ok I love the selection and the convience...but...I wish they offered more "freebie codes" and this business that they will TEXT a person a code every monday am is balllloney....what about us frugal mommies with OUT a celly??? We should get the EXACT SAME offer on our email...shouldn't we????

Cheap and easy, but needs a better selection in my area! They don't have many of the advertised titles

red box is a pretty good deal. they may not a huge selection... but they always have a few good movies worth watching.

Have chase card that I have to use at least 5 times a week for past three months have used card at red box. Love it! An I love how they send you free movies online as well if you sign up.

If you sign up for the mobile club you get FREE codes texted to your phone. But you still have to swipe your card when you rent.

We just rented our first movie from Red Box last great.....easy, convenient, and only $1!! They have a great selection and you can even look up available movies online.

I am new to the world of RED BOX.....I started using red box on vacation one night when it was raining and couldn't go out... It was great! When I came home I found a RED BOX at my local Pathmark.... The problem was first with my credit card.... it was unsupported card???? Then I found one at Walgreens and the new movies are always sold out...I'd like to know how many of each movie are put in the box.....

Redbox is Great if they would hurry up and work out there bugs in the system! i have been using them for months and have had 4 problems with them but still continue to go back to the red box!! you can reserve online witch i like to do but when you go to the box to pick them up I've had a problem 2 times now that won't give me my reserved movies because of the card reader! when i did not get my movies i called them and was offered to be credited back or two free codes for other movies what they don't tell you is the codes cannot be used at the same time sorta a pain in the butt! the other two times i had issues were with the kiskos it self being down! other than that its good and cheep!!

99 cent movie night . We love Redbox here. The only down side is that they are not current with the movies .

I like the convenience of RedBox, but the title selection is lacking and when you do find one you want, it's often not there... and I'm upset the prices have gone up more than $.25. The whole point was $1 a night... My rating continues to drop...