Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

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I LOVE this series & am about halfway thru the series now(I believe there are 22 books in the series so far(?)! Anita is one awesome vampire Hunter & let's not forget,necomancer too! All of the characters Anita crosses paths with are interesting,each in his or her own right.Think Sookie Stackhouse but way more badass and with several lovers at a time. My favorite of her many lovers are and will always be 1)Jean-claude,who is THE sexiest vampire I have ever read about(,only 2nd to Lestat De Lioncourt and Louis De Lac of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles & Eric and Bill of True Blood/Charlaine Harris fame.) then 2) Nathaniel,a wereleopard,who sounds incredibly sexy as well and he has lavender eyes and hair down to his ankles! Yum! and my 3rd fave would have to be Micah,also a wereleopard &if I remember right,the leader of the wereleopards. As for the sex 'scenes' all I can say is,they are smokin' hot and I can't get enough,though i'm starting to wish she'd just pick ONE lover and 'settle down' somewhat. Hopefully Jean-Claude b/c as sexy as Richard is described,when it comes down to it,he ends up being a real dick! Just sayin',Lol!

one word to describe this author...ADDICTING!!!

I like both her series. The point about the sex getting in the way of the plot at times is well made. Her imagination astounds me. I agree also that these are not for the faint of heart- alot of blood, guts and gore.

I have loved Anita for years and just finished reading Hit List after waiting not so patiently all year. I was very disappointed in the lack of sex and none of the "boys" were even there. Hamilton seemed to go to far the other way from to much sex to none and most of her fans love to see how she interacts with all of her men and in Hit List she had a couple of lions and that was pretty much it. I hope in the next book she is back home and spends her time with her men and we get to see more of them then we have in the last few books.

Great series of books.This is only for adults!!The only thing I didnt like about the series is they keep giving her so many lovers.I just wanted her with the Vamp.

I agree that there are a lot of sex scenes in this book that really don't further the plot. However, I like Laurell K. Hamilton's style of writing, and her character's are raw and easy to relate to. I absolutely prefer this series of books over the Twilight books, but I have to say... no author compares to Anne Rice in the vampire genre.

I really loved this series starting out, but the further you get into the series the more kinky sex there seems to be in each book. The last book seemed boring to me because of the sex!

Wow. I am surprised at many of these reviews. I guess sex isn't for everyone??? I have read all of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I very much enjoyed all of these books. The series is not for the weak of heart, so to speak. I loved the evolution the character made. I love the personality of Anita Blake. She is a strong woman (to say the least) with ideals and morals that she lives by. Those standards change as she matures. Her career, heart, responsibilities, and life all require her to evaluate her beliefs. She is loyal to the people she loves and she is ready to defend and die for what she believes in. These are not your daughter's vampire stories, ladies. (If you know the background of the author you get a lot of insight to why the character develops the way she does.) I don't have anything negative to say about these books and they kept me in and out of my library to get them all read over the summer. I couldn't wait to get to the next one. If you like women who kick butt, zombies, REAL vampires, shapeshifters, romance that is real and not sappy, and storylines that are twisted beyond belief ... Laurell K Hamilton will exceed your expectations. If you are hung up on inhibitions and are content with sparkly vampires, these are probably not for you.

These were alittle hard to get into at first, but in all a good read.

Awesome. That being said, these books are not for the faint of heart. They are gritty, gruesome and altogether real. Love every one of them!

I love these books. I just started reading them. I just finished Bloody Bones and realized I'd missed The Lunatic Cafe, so now I have to back step a little....

I haven't read her stuff, but I hear she writes in the same genre as Kelley Armstrong, whose work I have read and really enjoy; especially her Women of the Underworld series. Some of Kelley's work include, Haunted, No Humans Involved, Dime Store Magic, etc.

The books used to be really good, but like the first poster said, now they are nothing but soft-core porn. I just read the latest one, as it has been awhile since I read one from the Anita Blake series. Wow. The first three chapters should have adult warnings on them, especially with the current vampire craze. These books ARE NOT for kids. I wish she would get back to her Nightseer series. She promised she would some years back, once the Merrie series was done. If you are new to Laurell K. Hamilton, read Dark Candy. Great anthology of her early work.

I picked one of these books up at my library one day and after reading it, I had to read all the other books in the series. The main character Anita is so different from all the other females in vampire books. She is very independent and opinionated. I recommend these both to people who like reading about vampires and those who don't.