Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player

Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player

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I have one of these and I love it! And, the accessories are not that expensive, but can only really be bought online (since most stores only carry ipod accessories). The arm strap is great and the system is so lightweight that I can wear it at the gym and forget I have it on my arm. LOVE IT!

I have a lot of downloaded herbal courses that I like to listen to & take notes on while I'm waiting for my kids at school or other events. The Sansa Fuze offers easy to upload features and the controls are easy to use as well. The sound is excellent & the size is perfect. I also purchased the car charger at amazon which utilizes the usb cable & the wall charger option. Excellent choice Quality at an especially good price.

Update: If you can find it, your local Walmart has the 8GB Sansa clip (Black or Silver) on sale for $49. It is not listed on their website. This is a great bargain!

I bought one of theses as a Christmas gift and it turned out nicely! It's easy to use and affordable! I will agree though, if you buy this model, get the wall charger for it! It's much easier than charging it on the computer. A very good buy

I dont have one yet but I want to buy one...

Great MP3 player for the price. I love mine and feel like it's a great value.

I bought my mom one of these for her birthday last year and she just loves it!! she is still kinda behind in her technology but it was very easier for her to figure out how to use it which helped alot!! :) For the price its very good! i also really like how small it is! She likes the clip because she uses when she takes our dogs for walks or when she walks on her lunch hour :)

yeah i have one of these and they're awesome! perfect for running....although i don't really run. i did once was fun. i should go again...... :(

I purchased this mp3 player for two girls they love it. it holds so much music. I had to buy one for myself and their little brother who is six years old. This was indeed a great buy.

I got this for my brother and he loves it

I used to have an ipod but I hated it! Itunes is horrible and their errors plus glitches got very annoying. So I found out about this product and I am thrilled and I can record, delete songs, and a bunch of other things that you can't do with an ipod.

I bought one for my son after he broke his IPOD. It works well and much less expensive. He is very happy with it.

i have 2 of these because they are very cute and i think that it was worth the money.... i like it better that the new shuffle that just came out.. its very light and its a clip on so i dont have to worry about any arm bands...

I have a 4GB Sansaclip in black. It has great sound and I like the small size. Cons: the earbuds have great sound, but they tend to sometimes fall out of my ear. I tried buying a different kind, they fit great but the sound is tinny to me, I like the sound better from the earbuds that come with it, but they don't fit correctly. Any suggestions?

it's great to see reviews in here. I wanted to buy one of these little clip on MP3 players to replace my ipod shuffle 2nd generation for some time. really great to work out with and affordable price!