Glad  Cling Wrap

Glad Cling Wrap

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This is the only brand of plastic wrap I will buy. Everything else just doesn't work the same.

GREAT invention. I will not use saran wrap anymore as this product is so wonderful. It sticks to my bowls, plates etc and I can pull off and put back on easily. I bought a huge pack at costco!

There is nothing like Glad wrap. I can buy store brand aluminum foil all day long but Glad wrap is my go-to for plastic wrap.

My kids and I use this for everything - especially covering leftovers. We've even used it to keep an ice pack on my sons arm.

Works better than other seran wrap brands. Doesn't stick to itself as bad as other brands.

This product is great for preparing snacks for the kid's lunch! They work well over glassware and other pans.

Sucha great product for everything. Holds up well and doesn't tear

This is the best brand of cling wrap in my opinion. Even if you mess up the first time you are trying to wrap something, you can un-stick it and then stick it back together again. A lot of the "off" brands of cling wrap will barely wrap the first time, let alone a second time if you mess up! I buy this even though it's a bit more expensive because I don't have to use as much of it to do the job!

I love this product, especially when freezing leftovers. It is stronger than regular plastic wrap, and keeps the leftovers from getting moisture crystals in.

This is the only wrap I use! I like the price, thickness (it won't melt in a microwave), and strength to cling (no leak or mess).

wouldn't be without it

I will never go back to the old saran wrap.....this is wonderful!

I prefer this over saran wrap any day. It actually sticks, but comes off without ruining the plastic so you can reuse it. Also, I read somewhere that the plastic they use in the cling wrap is safer than saran wrap (in terms of cancer-causing chemicals).

glad wrap works really well to ceramics and glass...not so much to metal though but I will continue using glad wrap.

I swear by the cling wrap... You can use it on plastic and I love that. I have used this for many years and wouldnt have it any other way. I love it when it comes in holiday colors.