Motrin Children's Motrin

Motrin Children's Motrin

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Being a mother of two children, you become accutely aware of when your child is sick. The worst part of your child being sick, is the helplessness we as mother's feel, because we can't take away their pain. Children's Motrin is the most amazing stuff I have found, it will quickly and effectively relieve fever, and pain and swelling. My youngest daughter who is an active asthmatic, always spikes such high tempuratures when she is sick, that sometimes tylenol and a tepid bath will not bring down. My doctor suggested I switch to Motrin Children's and I was amazed within 45 mnutes she was up and about like she was not even sick. For the last three years Children's Motrin has been only the fever reducer I have used, and I am still amazed at how effectively it brings down her temperature, and relieves her aches and pains. This is a product I would recommend highly to all parents of young children. Motrin comes in the following flavors: *Grape *Bubble Gum *Berry *Dye-Free Berry and Tropical Punch Flavors Motrin comes in three forms: *Suspension liquid- this is great for your toddlers and young children * Chewable tablets-Ages 4 and up with a great flavor also * Swallowable caplets-Older children Dosage Instructions: Infants Motrin-Dosage is children 12-17 lbs or 6-11 months use 1.25 ML. Children 18-12lbs or 12-23 months use 1.875 ML. Junior Strength Pills-(Chewable or Caplets) 48-59 lbs or 6-8 years 2 caplets or 2 chewables 60-71 lbs or 9-10 years 2.5 caplets or 2.5 chewables 72-95 lbs or 11 years 3 caplets or 3 chewables Regular Children's Motrin- Under 24 lbs or under 2 years consult doctor 24-35l bs 2-3 years 1 teaspoon 36-47 lbs 4-5 years 1.5 teaspoon 48-59 lbs 6-8 years 2 teaspoon 60-71 lbs 9-10 years 2.5 teaspoon 72-95 lbs 11 years 3 teaspoon If neeeded you can repeat dosage every 6-8 hours, but do not use more than 4 times a day. Do not use Motrin more then 4 times a day, as the medicine works for 8 hours per dosage. Also only give the required dosage as giving to much can be fatal, or cause damage to your little ones. Children's Motrin is a great product to use on children from ages 2 years and up, just remeber to consult your doctor on dosage, and if it interferes with any other medication your child may be on. Updated July 2006 with dosage information.

I also like it for high fevers, it always works. It is also good for use during the night since it lasts for 8 hours, I feel better knowing that our daughter will not need more medication during the night.

I will agree 110% with this! I love Motrin for my kids, too! It's always effective a reducing fevers quickly for us, and I've never had any adverse effects. Sometimes, I will even alternate this medicine with acetaminophen, too...the combination of switching every dose is awesome as well.

Motrin has always been our first choice!

I love children's Motrin. It works quickly and my kids love all the tastes that they make.

I way more prefer this than children's tylenol. I use it when my son is hurting. I use tylenol for mild fevers though. Motrin is fast acting and works longer in my sons case.

Motrin has always been my medication of choice. I would recommend this to anyone with children. Its great for fevers, aches and pains. I can't recall it ever not doing the trick.

One of my favorites since it last so much longer than the rest. The flavors are perfect for the kids, they take it with out whinning. :)

Most of the time my son's pediatrician recommends Motrin over Tylenol. They told me it's better for pain from vaccinations than Tylenol. My son loves the taste too. I don't have to fight with him to take it. I always keep it on hand.

I have an 8 month old and this is a life saver to bring her temperature down when she gets sick!

I have two daughters ages 13 & 15, motrin has been the choice and preference since both were babies.It has always proved to be effective and efficient when needed.This is one product that has always been dependable and safe.

We use children's Motrin a lot. The taste is acceptable to my medicine-hating kids (they refuse to take most things) and it works great for fevers and pain. My 9 yr old actually has migraine headaches (familial thing, her daddy started getting them at age 9 also) and Motrin is the only thing that works for them. It lasts longer than Tylenol for fevers too.

I also use this when my children are sick. It is really good at lower fevers quickly and the taste is alot better compared to other brands

Motrin is always our first choice for fevers and pain. My children do not fight me to take this because it has a good taste. And it seems to last a lot longer than tylenol.

Yes, I always use motrin for my little girls works so much better then the other stuff. The fever comes down alot quicker and stays down alot longer. And they both enjoy the grape flavor.