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Facebook uses your pictures and data for marketing purposes. While I get it that that is how they make money, I value the safety and privacy of my children over the convenience of seeing what friends are up to. I avoid Facebook now and keep in touch with friends and family the old fashion way!

i only have an account to keep track of my old buddies, other then that, i only go on once every 2-3 months. why should i tell people or let people know what i am doing every second of my life?

Not a fan of Facebook ! I like it the old school way taking to everybody on the phone and some time texting !

I was on Facebook for 6 weeks and deleted my account. I will never go back, EVER. I encountered so many judgmental and rude people, so much drama, and quite a few perverts. The last straw was when two women were fighting (and swearing) in comments on my "wall" and tried dragging me into it even though I wasn't online! I'll stick to MySpace and myYearbook.

I used to love Facebook. It's still ok to keep up with family and friends but it's horrible for small businesses. Unlike huge corporations, small businesses can't afford to lay out $20 PER POST like a big company can, so small business pages don't get seen on the pages of our followers. When Facebook came up with that idea, it was a major FAIL!

too much info out there on facebook i want my kids off it and they are.

Never joined and never will. The inanities and trivialities posted my many members are what keeps me away. "I'm going ot make a sandwich now"; "I'm watching my favorite show". WHO CARES? And I value my own privacy, so I don't need people I used to go to high school with knowing about the details of my life 25 years later. PLUS - as I understand it, the security isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I can't stand facebook. I have an account but don't use it. I get so sick of seeing people posting about how they have a cold or they bumped their knee and now it hurts. Who cares? There really is no use for facebook except for people to post stupid stuff about themselves.

I don't like it. I like the old one, but this one is growing on me.

I'm a fairly new FB user, and don't like the new layout at all. It seems more cumbersome to navigate.

Ugghhhh I don't like it at all.

I am not a fan at all! It is way to cluttered, hard for me to read, and I firmly believe "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I have been on facebook since they launched to their 2nd tier of schools and have liked some of the changes they have made but this ranks up there with one of the worst!!

I agree with the previous posts, it is hard to navigate. Thought after a few days I would get use to the format, but that's not the case.

I had just joined FB about a month before the new layout. I didn't see any problems with what they had. I love change, but I just can't stand the new format. It's not user friendly at all.

I have only been on face book for a few months and can say that I do not like the change. I will get use to the change.