Cat's Pride Scoopable Cat Litter

Cat's Pride Scoopable Cat Litter

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My cats don't avoid the box with this. Odor control is good.

I really like this litter. We got our kitty in November and I tried several others. I like this one because it had fine granules not big crystals that get all over the floor. I found it really easy to scoop and it keeps the smell down too! It's really affordable and until I find something better I;ll stick with it.

I'm using the Cat's Pride triple action complete (blue & red 20 lb container) and it works good to me. It clumps well and controls odor. I do agree it's really fine litter but sometimes I mix it with a cheap big granule litter (I didn't like so just using it up). I noticed the big granule kind stirred up more dust than this one. I agree with others Freshstep is my first choice and Arm & Hammer Essential is worst.

This is my favorite brand of cat litter when I need something cheap and scoopable, but it doesn't keep the poo from smelling up your house. If your cat doesn't have super-smelly bowel movements or you have an outdoor litterbox, this stuff works great, but if your cat has a sensitive digestive system, I recommend going for a heavier odor controller.

This cat liter does clump well but it really doesn't control the odor.

I have 10 indoor cats, so I am always looking for inexpensive cat litter that clumps. It does create dust and can be messy, but it clumps really nicely and does disguise some of the cat oder. This is not a bad product, and if you have a lot of cats, and are looking for a clump style litter, and always have a mess to clean up anyway, I would recommend this litter in a pinch. Not bad, worth a try.

Ok It's ok. Good for the price. But it's Better to just spend a few more bucks if you have it.

I like the quantity for the price but it does not hide smells. I would like to try the cedar litter but that seems so messy but smells really good. For this cat litter, it's a mess and does not cover smell. A person would really need to stay on top of this cat litter and change it constantly.

A good cheap litter. We have one cat who doesn't even use the litter box much, but this did not control odor well.

I usually use freshstep and this is a good alternative for it. It has a good price and I can usually find coupons for it also. It can be a little dusty but what scoopable and affordable litter isn't? I use this often but I still use freshstep also, it just depends on which is the better buy at the time. One litter I WONT use again is Arm and Hammer. Horrible!! Clumps fall apart and odor is a BIG issue. I just stick to using straight baking soda in the boxes.

This is not good litter. My cats hate it & I hate trying to scoop it. It does not fight odor at all.

My two cats would not go in the litter box with cat's pride (I guess the were too proud to use the cheaper stuff lol). I have to use arm & hammer multicats and clean the box at least twice a day.

Not the best litter. If Tidy cat or Fresh step isn't in your budget this is ok, but it doesn't compare to more expensive brands. It doesn't help with odors very well at all.

This is cheap and you're getting what you're paying for.

I tried this litter because it was less expensive and I had a coupon. It does clump well. The problem is all the dust. Very dusty. It does not do a good job at hiding or controlling odors either. I have two cats and this litter did not do the job. I went back to Tidy Cats even though its a bit more expensive.