Jen Lancaster Such a Pretty Fat

Jen Lancaster Such a Pretty Fat

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This is not Jen Lancaster's first book, but it is the first that I've read. I picked it up in a bookstore and couldn't bring myself to put it back on the shelf - I had to get it! This book is not gentle; Jen tells you what she really thinks/feels about everything. She does not apologize for her opinions (which are strong, but VERY funny!) and she has a positive self-image that many fashion models would envy. There were scenes in the book that literally had me laughing out loud and running to share with friends and loved ones. Is it a book aimed towards women? Yes. Is it a little frank? VERY. Is it a little "tell it like it is, no holds barred?" You betcha. Some people said she was "too mean". I disagree. The author IS who she is and puts on no airs. While I wouldn't read it to my 12 year old (and might not read more than exerpts to my mom), for a "share with your girlfriends and laugh out loud" type of book, this book really scores with me!

I read Bitter Is the New Black and laughed out loud (in public) throughout most of it. The author is so funny and easy to relate to. I can't wait to get my hands on her other books. Too bad I have a stack of books waiting for me, or I would get these right away!

Jen Lancaster is hilarious. This is a great book to read if you are currently dieting or have ever struggled w/ dieting. She truly tells it like it is....dieting sucks. Reading this book is like sitting down to a long day of "catching up" w/ an old friend - it is just comfortable. If you like to laugh - and everyone does - then this is a MUST read.

Took this to the beach -- a great, quick read that will make you laugh.

I love this book. It was just what I needed after a day of cleaning and babysitting. A wonderful way to relax.

I really like Jen Lancaster. She's very honest and funny - I laughed my way through this book and her first book "Bitter is the New Black." Her style may be offensive to some, but I'm o.k. with it. I read through this book in about a day - very quick read as she's so funny. As an overweight person, I found her right on target with issues of losing weight. I want to go out and get in shape now and lose weight, (I don't think this book is meant to be motivational, just her hilarious account of her battle of the bulge) but I found myself relating so much to her, I feel like could finally get this weight off!!

I absolutely loved this book. I also read Bright Lights, Big Ass, and loved it too. I couldn't believe it when I saw this had recent reviews - I was so excited! She is a great author, and I can't wait to get my hands on her latest. I also read her blog at Excellent reading all around.

I adore Jen Lancaster! She has such a funny, witty way of writing. Her books always make me laugh out loud! I re-read each book again and again until she releases a new one!

Jen Lancaster is by far my favorite author. She is hysterically funny! This book made me laugh out loud. I also highly recommend her other books. My favorite one being Bitter is the New Black.

sounds good I will have to pick up this book

I had a really hard time reading Jen Lancaster's books. She is completely self-absorbed and a wee bit delusional. I was amazed at how many books she's talked publishers into buying.