Uggs Classic Short

Uggs Classic Short

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Slip on and go Love the Uggs! Very comfortable. Would like it better if foot-bed would last a little longer. I like wearing the Uggs Classic around the house. I prefer the Ultra Mini over the classic though. Both are comfy and easy to slip on and go.

Honey! These things are comfortable! These boots are so soft inside and out. They really keep your feet warm during cold nights. WARNING: don't wear these in the rain and I wouldn't recommend wearing these in deep snow either because it will get will and you will feel it! On the other hand, it's easy to clean, affordable and will last you an entire winter.

Can?t go wrong Best winter shoe by far. Once it's cold outside this is THAT GO TOO BOOT. Anyone that hates on ugghs are mad they don't have them

Uggs for Winter! I look forward to the colder weather so I can pull out my Ugg boots again! These are so cozy and easy to pull on while I'm running out the door. They are soft, comfortable, but well made as they have the firm sole for adequate support.

NOPE. I would give this item zero stars if it was possible but I have to pick at least 1 to review it... Dear uggs: its 2018 - why the hell are you KILLING sheep to make these ugly boots??? YEA they KILL the sheep - i get so grossed out when i see people wearing these - it says: im dumb and have no idea how anything works... seriously has to be one of the worst ways to announce to people how uneducated you are - if you wear these...

Too Cute I have a dark brown pair of Uggs and I absolutely love them. There so cute and stylish in my opinion. They look cute with jeans. I consider them a must for the fall and winter seasons. I just think there a cute casual look which I love. Also I should mention there pretty warm and comfortable as well. Sounds like a winner to me!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE I have a pair of grey ones and theyre super warm and comfy. I use to buy knock off brands but they always got ruined and crappy really fast. Uggs may be pricey but they last a LOT longer than the off brands.

Perfect for a cold day or just to hang out around the house. I will never buy and off brand after having these! LOVE!

I LOVE THESE!!!! They're so cute first of all! Come in different lengths. Beautiful different styles as well. I love these for the winter and own 3 pairs!

I really like these boots and living near Chicago you really need to wear boots in the seasons! I have a cheaper version of these but would love the real thing! I would spend more for these.

love the look and the fit just wish they where cheaper :( a broke teacher like me cant afford them

I love Uggs. So comfortable, so cute. Love love love

I have loved every style and pair of Uggs I've had! They are super comfortable and keep your feet warm threw any weather. Only thing is you can't get them wet, they definitely are more of a "show" or "for looks" boots! Still, I will continue to buy them!

im obsessed with UGGS anything.; from sandals to tall boots. great addition to anyone collection, they might seem pricey but its seriously not for the quality.

love these boots for the winter months they are warm and comfortable