Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum

Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum

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Works great just a little hard to maneuver. Would buy again

I love this vacuum. This slim is perfect for vacuuming my stairs; I can easily pick it up and use the main vacuum on each stair, without bothering on attachments. The slim fits so well around my furniture. I will definitely buy another when this one finally goes, but that doesn't seem to be anytime soon.

I have this vacuum and like it, I don't love it. It's really aesthetically pleasing and it mostly works really well (minor issues with the suction) but the maintenance for it is annoying. I know standard vacuums are uncool because of the bag system but I find that slightly preferable to having to remove and clean the multiple parts that are required to keep this machine in good working order. Overall, it's not a bad appliance by any stretch, but for the cost of it, I think my vote is with standard and cheaper models.

This works really well for a mid-priced vacuum; not the best quality, nor the worst. I feel as though it does pick up dust and debris well, and it is very light weight compared to other vacuums. However, it's still constructed from plastic and could be broken by children or irresponsible adults.. This vacuum is good.. but i'd rather have the quality and longevity of a Kirby.

I LOVE my Dyson and recommend it to EVERYONE!!! Picks up everything!! I would really like to get this one because its much lighter. Mine can get heavy hauling up and down the stairs all the time!!