Glade Scented Oil Candles

Glade Scented Oil Candles

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Don't waste your monies I'd give half a star if possible - PERFECT - if you've a tiny itty bitty room to use it in THAT you're not afraid will catch fire - it's an adorable container with magnetized refill candles ... cute concept - so NOT worth the monies

The fragrance is good but its to pricey for the small burn time you get out of each one.

I was at first excited to try these candles, but after purchasing them I was quickly disappointed because they burned so quickly. I need a candle to last more than just a few minutes. I won't be using them again.

Glade usually has good products. These disappoint me. The smell is nice, but the lil things do not last long. I recently bought the peppermint crush and one went out, would not re-light and produced a terrible smell. Needless to say, that was the last purchase of them for me!

I liked the scents, however it did not last long.

These never seemed to work the way I anticipate..Like another viewer noted, the smell isnt overwhelming and I find for the price? They burn out WAY too fast

These have a great scent, but they are not overwhelming (they're a little under whelming if you ask me). The candle burned really quickly and since the wick is between two metal posts it can be hard to relight the candle. The candle is attached by a magnet, great idea, but it gets hard to remove and replace the candle after you've burned the wax. Since the wick is higher up on this magnet and between two posts it is also hard to burn the entire candle. Overall, there are easier candles to use that last longer and have a stronger scent.

I love the way these smell, but the fragrance abd the candle are gone way to fast!

The fragrence of these candles are very appealing, however the time they burn for and the is not so appealing. Hard to say if I would buy some again.

The wax burned away quickly. The scent disappeared almost instantly, and to be able to smell it you had to put your name right in front of the wax. I did not really like this product.

The scent does not last long and the flame scares me. I much prefer Scentsy.

I agree with them not lasting long at all. To me they were not worth the money spent on them. i know that I will not buy them again. It did have a nice smell for the short time though.

I did enjoy the fragrance of these candles, but they don't last long at all. They candles burn out really quickly. For that reason, I do not purchase these anymore.

I had a coupon for these candles. Loved the way they smelled but they do not have a very long burn time and the wick seems to be hard to relight.

This such a great product to have. Love the glass holder and the variety of different candles available.