Fisher Price  Bounce and Spin Smart Pony

Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Smart Pony

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My son got the Zebra when he was one. He played with it all the time. His cousins were always trying to ride it when they came over, even when they were way to big for it! It has help held up great. We never had any problems with him being able to ride it, he loved the music and bouncing up and down. It's now three years old and we just recently put it up, he liked to sit on it and watch cartoons. It looks like it's still brand new and works perfectly.

Great product. Although I wish there was a way to help prevent them from falling off, like a seat belt or something? And also the base has some raised spots, and would put brusies on my daughter if she fell.

Our boys received this as a Christmas present one year. My oldest had just turned 2 and youngest was just shy of 1. Great for a 2 year old, but not much my youngest could do other than hit the musical spinner.

I purchased this for my son's 1st birthday. He really loved bouncing on it, but didn't get the hang of spinning on it, and by the time he did, he pretty much outgrew it. He did like it for a bit, but after a while lost interest in it and it just sat in the corner of his room. We ended up giving it away to a friend.

After being put off by the price I finally gave in and bought this for my daughter. She rode it for awhile but I was disappointed that it doesn't rock it just spins. It also has to be in the down position for it to spin which is kind of hard for a small child to do. but it did keep her entertained.

My niece is 15 months and instead of bouncing she spends most of the time switching the settings. It doesn't bounce easily and if it does, it's really squeaky. Also, if you have a widescreen tv, the graphics don't show up too great. It's not worth the $80 plus the extra money for a bunch of batteries.