Born Free Trainer Cup

Born Free Trainer Cup

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Not bad but not great Not a bad training cup, but has an annoying amount of pieces?especially the inner piece that prevents spillage. It's clear and very easy to misplace.

dont think i would buy it one because i realy dont like it when it leaks it levels my baby shirt all wet and i have to be changing him so no i trash it

My FAVORITE training cup. We transitioned from bottle to sippy cup with this exact cup with no problems at all. I noticed that my child liked the long soft spout a lot. She would drink from the cup, but also chew on the spout. In my head, that's what sold it!

I love the Born Free bottles but the cup is leaking.

This cup leaks as soon as it is turned up side down what ever is in it runs out all over the place.

My daughter loves this cup.

not sure why people think it has too many pieces. it is quite simple to use and easy for my 6 month old to hold and drink from.