Nintendo Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii Fit

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I just think after kinect for xbox 360 came out, this is too much work to plug and play.

I love the Wii Fit concept and the activities are a riot. My problem is that it takes so long to transition between acitivities and to wait for the explanation that I just can't sustain my heart rate. I use it for strength training on occasion but I wish there were a "continuous play" mode that would just cylce through the various activities without me choosing and loading a new one at every transition.

When we first started playing it was loads of fun, however, as the time went on, it got boring

I just had to have this and now I wonder why. The games weren't very difficult and get boring quickly.

I have had the Wii Fit for a few years. In the beginning it was fun looking at all the options. Just be aware the game will be mean enough to tell you that you are OBESE and your weight is reminded every time you get on it. The monotone voice is also very boring. I did not think it was much of a workout, but suitable more for kids to start.

My husband bought the Wii Fit for me as a Christmas present last year and I tried to use it a handful of times but it really never felt like true exercise. The pauses btwn exercises was too long and it just too much. For me it is an interactive video game that requires a little more effort than usual. I will stick with my insanity workouts for fitness and save the Wii for playing video games and watching Netflix.

Fantastic concept, less than desired results. Don't get me wrong, this is a great game, if you use it just for that purpose. As a workout or fitness tool, I found it lacking. At first, it seemed great. The activities were easy, yet beneficial. Over time, though, a lack of results made it not worth the time I was investing in it.

I remember when this first came out, it was hot, it was hip, it was new and no one had done it. I bought it, and lets say I really don't care for it. I feel better doing a work out through a video or live class, and I feel more comfortable doing in own home. The wii fit was very bland, not very entertaining, and slow paced, I didn't leave doing it feeling like I was getting an amazing work out.

I was so excited to bring this home, but we only used it for a short time. The games were fun, but the yoga and exercises were just not worth the trouble. With the set up between each exercise it takes up my "exercise" time with standing and pointing instead of working out.

I got this Wii fit for free....luckily, because I rarely use it ! I wasn't quite into it for exercising, but balancing on one leg while you're drunk seems so appealing !!

I really wanted to like this, but I force myself to play about an hour of all the different games and I struggled to stay interested. It really wasn't for me. I continue to search for things to keep me motivated. Other games however, are a blast!

The Wii fit board is good to help with balance but it's not as fun as I'd it like to be. It'd be better if it was a controller free platform.

Meh. I did this for a month and got bored. I think there are better WII products out there that can help burn calories.

When I first got wii fit, I played it everyday. After awhile, I got bored with it. Didn't loose any weight either. Once I earned all the games & levels, what is the point of continuing to play.

I played it everyday...dint help me lose weight......donno what the "Fit" is for