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  • HerLovelyBeauty By  HerLovelyBeauty    


    Great place for various homemade items from printables, clothes, and crafts. I love how your able to buy and support from small businesses ran by individuals. Great if your wanting to make a shop page and sell a product yourself.

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  • megankari By  megankari    

    Love Etsy

    I love Etsy. It's the first place I go to look for unique and handmade gifts for my loved ones. Also great for crafting supplies.

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  • mchristine147 By  mchristine147    

    I am a huge fan of etsy. I love supporting local businesses, and this is a platform to do so. I also love that you can get unique pieces, often at a fraction of the cost that they would go for in retail!

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  • kwierman By  kwierman    

    I love Etsy! You can browse for anything! I absolutely love handmade and vintage goods and I literally can find it all on Etsy!

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  • Kirangulalaye By  Kirangulalaye    

    You can find anything on here or sell. I love it

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  • newworldmom By  newworldmom    

    Absolutely recommend Etsy for anyone who wants to sell their products. I have a few friends that do quite well using this site

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  • tdbeach By  tdbeach    

    Awesome site for anyone who loves crafts or likes unique handmade items. Always something new and exciting

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  • minnimount By  minnimount    

    I absolutely love Etsy. I check new products on this website almost every day and I am always surprised by the vast amount of choices and items that you can find! Everything is so unique and it is nearly impossible to be at a loss for what you are looking for. You do need to be careful though if you are short of time because some of the products are from China and can take a month or so for them to get to you. Other than that, Etsy is wonderful and you should most definitely give it a chance!

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  • creativeblogmom By  creativeblogmom    

    Etsy is amazing. You can pretty much find anything there. I also enjoy having my own shop. It is an easy way to sell my products with very reasonable fees. I could browse Etsy all day.

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  • tabbyprz By  tabbyprz    

    So great if you're creative and trying to make money, or trying to find a one of a kind gift or decoration for your house.

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  • vicmac45 By  vicmac45    

    I use Etsy quite frequently to find the perfect gifts for my family.

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  • babagrlshell By  babagrlshell    

    Great site. I love working with small business owners, and this site is truly the BEST way to match up consumers to so many different crafty people!

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  • ChaelaVsKayla By  ChaelaVsKayla    

    I would never recommend to anyone since the seller I bought from 2 months ago is still very sparse in communication and I still have no received my package or a refund and the shipping costed more than the actually product but I wanted it so I paid it and I still have not heard anything from her.

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  • arhorton21 By  arhorton21    

    This is a wonderful website! I love browsing all of the different shops, and can always find the specific items I am looking for. Their different search options make it easy to find products and shops that I am looking for. It is also very easy to favorite or follow different shops and shop owners. If I ever decided to sell a homemade product, I would DEFINITELY use Etsy to get started.

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  • meggyreap By  meggyreap    

    Etsy is such a great site for crafters and buyers. I'm always browsing the unique things that show up.

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