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  • Kikibard By  Kikibard    

    Can't beat the price if you're looking for something thin , it is very light coverage but still gets the job done. The highlight is very suttle so for me that part didn't really work

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  • DaisyHunnell96 By  DaisyHunnell96    

    Love Concealer, hate highlighter!

    I did not like the highlighter on this product but I loved the concealer for use on blemishes and dark spots! This product was really cheap and I was impressed by how well it worked with the price range. I don't know if it was just me but the highlighter did not look good on my skin and it was so thin that I would rather use another highlighter!

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  • AlyReynoso By  AlyReynoso    

    This works so much better than I expected!!! This product is one of the best products by elf in my opinion everyone needs to try it!!

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  • kirstenac By  kirstenac    

    Great Stuff!

    The best under eye concealer and highlighter I've found yet! The dark under eye circles that I have are so hard to corneal but the product does a great job at doing just that! I've always had trouble with dark under eye circles, even when I do get enough sleep. I have very light skin so I think that is most of the problem. Highly recommended!

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  • nmcreel By  nmcreel    

    I am SUPER in LOVE with this item! If you like to highlight, the highlighter is fantastic and blends completely! Both the concealer and highlighter and moisture-rich but not so much that it makes it oily! Both blend beautifully into your makeup and are easy to build on! Would recommend this to everyone and I use it is all the time!

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  • leximaxine By  leximaxine    

    I didn't care for the concealer because it's very very thin. However, the highlighter is amazing! Gives me a lovely shimmery glow!

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  • anvargas1240 By  anvargas1240    

    gives amazing coverage on blemishes for a great price

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  • saju1011 By  saju1011    

    its an ok product , with right tools and techniques it does pretty good job, i just had to figure out for a little while , and Cant beat the price!!

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  • HeylenHorror By  HeylenHorror    

    this applied very cakey, not very happy with the concealer. the highlighter was amazing.

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  • haleybrooke By  haleybrooke    

    WORKS GREAT! this is my favorite elf product they ever made. i dont use the concealer much but i love the highlighter! It does have a little sparkle to it but its great. I would recommend.

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  • chaniab By  chaniab    

    I bought this when I was looking to try the highlighting/contouring technique. I love the price, it doesn't irritate my skin & it does what it is supposed to do! I use the highlighter on my T-zone, bridge of nose, chin, & cupid's bow area. I use the concealer under my eyes. I would have given it 5 stars but the product doesn't last very long.

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  • MakeupMahem By  MakeupMahem    

    This is definitely not the worst concealer i have used, but is by far not the best either. The concealer doesn't really conceal much it just brightens. Especially if you have dark under eye circles I would recommend a better concealer. But for as cheap as it is its not too bad. As for the highlighter it doesn't work at all. But a quick tip to use it up: if you want your nose to appear pointier than it already is make about 3-4 dots on the bridge of your nose and blend it in really well. Goodluck.

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  • allybaby1285 By  allybaby1285    

    i love this so much it helped my eyes alot

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  • Kristymc86 By  Kristymc86    

    Works pretty good.

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  • melindajoy By  melindajoy    

    This product works realy well in concealing, especially under eye circles (mine are deep purple/blue). I use it on my eye lids too, so that I have a clean canvas for sparkle eye liner and shadow

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