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Disabled Community Voices Offense Over Kylie Jenner Wheelchair Photos

on Jan 26, 2016: Kylie Jenner is just an all-around offensive human being. She walks around in brownface, culturally appropriates P.O.C. things constantly & is just generally insensitive. It makes me thoroughly repulsed that she would take part in such a horrible ad. Such poor taste. Disability is not a fashion st…

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Winter Skin Survival Tips and $100 Spafinder Giftcard Giveaway

on Jan 26, 2016: I do this every morning & night. I also like to use under-eye creams & will occasionally use serums but you get the gist of it. Exfoliation, moisturizer (no matter HOW oily your skin is, people) and drinking lots of water. Those are the three keys to maintaining moisturized, soft skin. My routine …