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  • Kristymc86 By  Kristymc86    

    Does last a long time. just a little messy.

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  • Synistrugane By  Synistrugane    

    I really don't like this product. It doesn't do anything for my lips and it smells wierd.

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  • Oparaa By  Oparaa    

    I HATE THIS!!!!! the smell, the taste, the feel, the worst lip balm ever.

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  • 2shinebright02 By  2shinebright02    

    I got the Vanilla Cream one. I thought all the lip balms would be clear, but this one actually goes on kinda white. it does rub out a little as you rub your lips together. I like the way it smells. Kinda like coca butter, but sweeter. It is very soft (maybe that is just the one I got.) You do not have to push down hard to apply this at all. It comes it a good size amount. You can fit it your pocket, if you wanted to. The balm is soft on my lips, when I rub them together. I think I will get another if I run out. But I will try another kind/scent/flavor that would not be milky white.

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  • lesannsantos By  lesannsantos    

    I hate this product. The smell is pretty good but everything else about it sucked. It just left my lips slimy and gross feeling. I do not recommend this product

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  • cgd8602 By  cgd8602    

    This is the first ever product I tried from e.l.f. Cosmetics! . I have to give it a four star rating as the product in the tube is too soft. However, I love the silky feel it leaves on my lips. The slim tube is very cute. This is not recommended for men as the flavors are too strong.

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  • buggyangel By  buggyangel    

    This one smells great (little too strong for me) n tasts yummy n think works okay. I am sticking to my old Vaseline.

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  • DreamN By  DreamN    

    This was a nice silky feeling lip gloss, but it didn't last very long on me. Still it's a great deal for only $1.00!

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  • KTPaige By  KTPaige    

    One of the best lip balms I have come across- really does what it claims, moisturizes and smells good. I reccomend the vanilla.

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  • CarlyABerry By  CarlyABerry    

    I ordered this in the flavor Strawberry Creme. When I opened the package, the outside of the balm was greasy. The product had partially melted in transit. I tried saving it, but the lip balm breaks off when I try using it. I'm not impressed with this product at all. This does not change my opinion on ELF cosmetics though, because I have several items of theirs that I adore!

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  • MissBeautyMae By  MissBeautyMae    

    This product felt good on my lips however the orange scent I ordered was borderline offensive. I would try a different scent next time.

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    Out of everything I've ever tried from e.l.f., this is one of the few things that was disappointing. It smelled and tasted decent and it helped soften my lips, but after a certain point, it began to break off in chunks when I applied it to my lips. It was only a dollar, so it wasn't a big loss, but I wish it was more durable.

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  • Niveya By  Niveya    

    This stuff is FANTASTIC in the cooler months. Its so smooth and creamy. It smells great and tastes good. My only issue is that because its so soft it melts a little in my purse (and definitely melts in my pocket) during the summer.

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  • mimizcorrea By  mimizcorrea    

    this product is great taste a little funny but smells really good and it leaves my lips feeling nicely moisturized

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  • Gott2beme By  Gott2beme    

    During the winter months my skin and lips rebel against me! I have dry parched lips that even the best, most expensive lip balms will not last. So I figured I would take a chance and purchase the balm from ELF. I was SO shocked!! All day!! I couldn't believe it!! I have purchased more just to make sure I have them with them! I put it on in the morning and they last through till even after supper. I dont reapply, or feel the need to reapply until the next morning!

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