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Plus-Sized Gym Turns Away Members if They're Too Skinny

on Jul 01, 2012: i agree and disagree. I agree because plenty of overweight people want to go somewhere comfortable and safe from judgment. they need to work with other women at the same level they are inorder to keep the motivation going. If they see a woman who doesnt need to lose wieght they will get dicouraged…

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Kids Feel the Pain From Your Breakup Too

on Jun 28, 2012: I honestly believe that a ex needs to walk away because that's going to cause more harm for both the child and the two people involved. Just say your good byes and tell the child it isn't their fault. Make sure they understand then don't turn back. I know it sounds harsh but it's the right thing t…

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Going to Great Lengths For Long Lashes

on Jun 24, 2012: I really need to try this! My lashes are horrible!!!!! They are short and not that dark at all. I use mascara on a daily basis. :(