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  • Wildest0Dreams By  Wildest0Dreams    

    One of my favorite makeup companies

    E.L.F is one of my all time favorite makeup companies. I love how affordable they are. You can try a few items without being afraid of breaking the bank. All of my eyeshadow brushes are made by E.L.F and I was able to get several brushes. Some of their eyeshadows can be hit or miss depending on what type of eyeshadow it is. Their primers are amazing and I love using them. There lips are really good and I love wearing their lipglosses. It?s a great company and I love how affordable it is. You definitely can buy a full face of makeup for under $60 depending on what you buy. Definitely the company to check out.

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  • Cutetalkative By  Cutetalkative    

    I think elf is the best product so far ,it's of best quality and it's affordable

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  • eveu98 By  eveu98    

    Average Makeup Brand

    E.l.f cosmetics has some good and bad products just like any other makeup brand. The quality of the products seems to match the price point and others seem to be a steal for a good payoff. The baked eyeshadows seem to be very pigmented and affordable for the consumer. I recently purchased a highlighter palette the other day and was not pleased with it at all due to the chalkiness of the product and it seemed to be more of a white shadow than highlighters. Some of the brushes are really good. Overall e.l.f has done a good job with their products.

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  • ShainaCooper By  ShainaCooper    

    Fabulous skin care and makeup!

    I am in love with e.l.f's cosmetics! They are super cheap yet work amazing! Every product I have ever tried has literally blown my mind! My favorite ever is the liquid highlighter! It gives you a nice natural glow They also offer skincare as well!

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  • Itskristenmack By  Itskristenmack    


    Such amazing products at such great prices! The packaging isn't anything fancy but the products are fantastic! Even the makeup brushes are my favorite! I use just about every product that they have out on the market!

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  • Katlyn_H By  Katlyn_H    

    I love e.l.f cosmetics. They make products that are quality but for a price I can afford without breaking the bank.

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  • Lyndsey_frost By  Lyndsey_frost    

    Good cheap brand

    Most o the time elf products are pretty good especially for their price point. Some products obviously aren't so great but the do work well

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  • Amyz17 By  Amyz17    

    I love e.l.f. Makeup. Their products are cheep but good quality and they have a lot of variety. There are some bad quality products but most are better than more expensive competitors. Love this!

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  • Jgiddens2556 By  Jgiddens2556    

    Great quality product for such a cheap price. I love it!

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  • shylittleghostie By  shylittleghostie    

    I absolutely adore E.L.F! Their brushes are honestly the best I've used, and for $2-3 a piece, they work wonders. No shedding, no leftover residue and they clean easily! The only reason I rated the brand a four-star is because I have a love-hate relationship with their lipsticks :/ But other than that, the makeup brand is awesome!

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  • Acsclc0480 By  Acsclc0480    

    Good product for a fair price

    I love the e.l.f makeup line there are some great produsts. The only product i would not recommend is the liquid foundation. It does not seem to match your skin tone and constancy is very thick. But for the price most of the products are great. The mineral primer is the best.

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  • MMunoz9307 By  MMunoz9307    

    You get what you paid for

    I saw these at my local Walmart and could not resist the price and packaging. I purchased the blush, concealer and powder. The three items worked great with my skin and I will be purchasing more from this line in the future. The only flaw I found was that the concealer when applied felt very thick and did not blend well. Nothing negative to say about the blush or the powder.

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  • Kpothast33 By  Kpothast33    

    Favorite drugstore brand!

    Everything I've tried from this brand I love! Awesome pigmentation, lasting power and price!

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  • laurenmazz By  laurenmazz    

    You get what you pay for

    While I will be the first to admit that I have used Elf products in the past, the only reason I bought them was because they were insanely cheap. My go-to used to be the eyebrow kit. But I started noticing that every time I used one of their products, they would irritate my skin. I have sensitive skin, so it could have just been because of that, but I've noticed the overall quality, while not TERRIBLE, isn't that GREAT. I purchased one of their primers, and all it did was make my skin feel greasy.

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  • jennyksmith84 By  jennyksmith84    

    great make-up for a great price!

    I have loved every ELF product I have tried. Great eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara.

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