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Make Summer 2018 the Best Summer Yet. Plus Enter the #PlayRELAY Giveaway!

Make Summer 2018 the Best Summer Yet. Plus Enter the #PlayRELAY Giveaway!

Remember the days before computers and cellphones, when summer used to mean playing outside with friends until the sun went down? Well, summer is right around the corner and it’s time to bring those memories back to life!

Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a 4th of July BBQ, or are just trying to get your kids to put that iPad down and run outside for a bit - we want to make this the summer of safe outdoor fun... with Relay!

What is RELAY, you ask?

Relay is a revolutionary new device that gives families a safer way to stay in touch. Relay is technology that safely empowers childhood. The device is a smart walkie talkie (with 4G LTE coverage) that allows parents and kids to stay in touch without the worry of a smartphone or screen -- thus enabling them to go play and have adventures, while giving the parent peace of mind.

It’s as simple to use as a walkie-talkie, but works everywhere, includes location tracking, and will have other fun features such as music, games, and voice assistant functionality.  

Find out more about Relay here.

Enter our #PlayRelay giveaway to win 2 Relays (with three months of service) and some Relay merchandise to kick off your summer fun. 

#PlayRelay Giveaway

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  • rlmcguire18 By rlmcguire18

    We have 3 bits, I'd love to get one for the oldest boy.

  • usafmom63 By usafmom63

    Sounds like a great tool for anyone

  • DawnNicole By DawnNicole

    I love this idea!

  • Jenn2184 By Jenn2184

    What a great concept! This would work great for my 12yr old boy, (who is not getting the phone he keeps requesting).

  • Chels92lg By Chels92lg

    This would be so amazing to have!

  • Delphinium54 By Delphinium54

    Reminds me of the good old days! Still a bit too electronic for my taste though.

  • shonvic1981 By shonvic1981

    This would be awesome to win! Fingers crossed. Thanks so much for the opportunity and chance. #PlayRelay

  • Gabbiecat By Gabbiecat

    What an awesome item!!


    This would be great!

  • linzsnoop By linzsnoop

    very cool!!!

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