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5 #PhotoTips for Family Pictures You'll Actually Print! Plus, a $100 Shutterfly Gift Card Giveaway

5 #PhotoTips for Family Pictures You'll Actually Print! Plus, a $100 Shutterfly Gift Card Giveaway

Don't waste this year's holiday opportunity! When your family is together, take lots of photos, but make sure they are good ones - photos that you might want to actually print, instead of just hanging out on social media or in your cloud!

So how do you take gorgeous photos you'll want to look at again? Read on for 5 tips that will make you a family photo star. Plus, enter for the chance to win a $100 gift card to Shutterfly so you can frame those photos or make them into the perfect gift for Grandma.

Tip #1: Capture Candid Moments

Capture people in their natural state - while the kids are playing, the adults are cooking or everyone is making memories. Remember that your subjects don't need to be looking at the camera.

Tip #2: Look All Around Your Frame

Pay attention not just to the people you are shooting, but also, what else is in your camera lens. Look at all four corners and walls. Try to get a background that is simple and without clutter.

Tip #3: Be Sensitive to Lighting

Avoid spots that are too bright or too dark. Flourescent lighting is the worst. Outside is best, especially on a cloudy day.

Tip #4: Get in close. But not too close

This is especially true when using most camera phones, since the zoom is really just a way to crop photos. Fine details are harder to see. At the same time, a tight focus can make the subject blurry.

Tip #5: Have Fun

When your family is relaxed and enjoying themselves, you'll really see personality shine through.

For even more tips, watch SheSpeaks blogger Tabitha Blue of Fresh Mommy Blog show you how to prepare for a professional photo shoot:

What upcoming pictures will you be snapping? Tell us and you'll be entered for the chance to win a $100 gift card to

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us what photos you're looking forward to taking this holiday season.


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  • irishmomofthree By irishmomofthree

    I love to get pictures of my kids and my nephews - they are all college aged and older but it is so nice when the cousins are all together. And the pictures are usually casual and turn out really well during Thanksgiving especially.

  • berlykim22 By berlykim22

    I love candids, they are best shots!

  • pookiepura By pookiepura

    My camera and phone are both loaded with pictures of the cat. My son won't let me take his picture anymore so I have succumbed to photographing the cat with vigor. She will look great in reindeer antlers!

  • kristeena319 By kristeena319

    Looking forward to taking pics with my four-legged family members interacting with my two-legged family members! LOL

  • curiousone By curiousone

    The holidays are a great time to make memories and capture them in photos. Thank you so much for the tips!

  • jalapenomama By jalapenomama

    We will be taking a lot of holiday pictures. thank you

  • Lunaxlit By Lunaxlit

    I'm looking forward to taking pictures with my family, rather than just pictures of them by themselves.

  • jalapenomama By jalapenomama


  • mcncheercoach By mcncheercoach

    I love taking pictures during the snow! I also love snapping pictures when the leaves are at their peak colors during the fall. Makes pictures look that much better!

  • lilpinky1234 By lilpinky1234

    I can not wait to capture my beautiful daughter making her first gingerbread house this year. She is 5 years old and full of life. She truly makes her momma proud

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