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March Madness begins! Enter the SheSpeaks NCAA Final Four Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 03.19.14
March Madness begins! Enter the SheSpeaks NCAA Final Four Giveaway
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College basketball fan Bill Clinton once said about his NCAA tournament allegiance to the Arkansas Razorbacks:

"I never did anything quite so crazy as to risk the 51 electoral votes of Michigan, Arizona and North Carolina - President Bill Clinton"

The frenzy is underway! From coast to coast even casual fans are getting the snacks ready, vetting the Sleepers, Dark Horses and Cinderellas - and preparing for a few co-workers to call in sick on Thursday. This year's Big Dance will be broadcast across 4 networks and is expected to eclipse last year's 49 million live video streams.

President Obama has already made his Final Four picks, and now it's time for you to let us know yours! Are you ready?

To enter, tell us your picks for the Final Four by entering one team for each region in the comments section below - and you could win a $100 Gift Certificate to The Gap!*




 The Perfect Game

Is it possible to coach your way to perfection? In 1985 the Georgetown University Hoyas, defending national champions, took the court against the Villanova Wildcats.

What happened that night has been called the greatest upset in the history of the NCAA Basketball and the greatest college game ever played. See here the improbable victory and the heart-thumping drama in The Perfect Game.


*This Giveaway is open through March 23rd :) to US residents over 18 years of age 

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  • gakusan By gakusan

    Florida, Wichita State, Louisville, and Arizona

  • mcasella By mcasella

    Ohio, Iowa, BYU, Texas

  • susansmoaks By susansmoaks

    Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, Wichita State

  • kbaby05 By kbaby05

    Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Louisville

  • Twenteries By Twenteries

    Florida, San Diego St., Villanova, Wichita St.

  • Jackie77 By Jackie77

    Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, Wichita State

  • CrystalGB By CrystalGB

    Florida, Arizona, Louisville and Michigan State

  • donnalee2001 By donnalee2001

    West - Wisconsin, East - Michigan State, Midwest - Duke, South - Florida

  • yesnofilms By yesnofilms

    Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, Louisville

  • Mnsanchez By Mnsanchez

    Florida, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Kentucky

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