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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 28, 2014

Being a working mom can be stressful, but Secret Deodorant is determined to help manage your stress sweat! They’ve teamed up with Career Expert Nicole Williams (@TheGirlOnTop) to share how to maximize your confidence in the workplace! Join us on Thursday, March 6th at 9:00pm ET as we chat with @SecretDeodorant and @TheGirlOnTop to learn how to be fearless at home AND at work.

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The Twitter Party Details:
When: Thursday, March 6th at 9:00pm ET
Where: Twitter - follow hashtag #CareerChat
Special Guest: @TheGirlOnTop
Brands: @SecretDeodorant
Panelists: @LisaSamples, @Zipporahs, @StacieInAtlanta, @AwakeningAimee, @CrissyBeam, @BrandyEllen, @KadiPrescott, @Momsofamerica

Twitter Party Topics:
There’s nothing that can shatter confidence in the workplace faster than stress sweat (and the odor that comes with it!). Now you can arm yourself going into stress sweat-inducing situations with Secret’s new clinical collection, which provides odor protection and gives you 100% confidence in two new forms: Clear Gel and Invisible Solid. Secret’s Career Confidence Expert, Nicole Williams ( @TheGirlOnTop) will be providing tips on time management, balancing career & family and how to maintain your confidence in all aspects of your life!

Twitter Party Prizes*:
We're giving away prizes from Secret Clinical and Walmart Gift Cards!

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"Join me at the @SecretDeodorant #CareerChat Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp & @TheGirlOnTop 3/6 at 9:00pm ET!"

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