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Time's Cover Photo: Did They Go Too Far?

Time's Cover Photo: Did They Go Too Far?

We’re betting you’ve heard about Time magazine’s latest attachment parenting cover story everyone is all agasp about. The issue, which hits shelves today, has garnered the most attention from the cover photo of a young attractive woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son who is standing on a chair to reach her breast.

In a society where the idea of a woman publicly breastfeeding an infant can make some people uncomfortable, it’s no surprise that the Time’s piece is causing such a stir. The topic alone regarding attachment parenting sets many people off debating how we should rear our children. But the even hotter button issue of breastfeeding children well into their toddlerhood (and sometimes childhood) is even more controversial than the base tenets of attachment parenting.

Reactions to the breastfeeding photo, with the caption “Are You Mom Enough?”, have been mixed with some feeling completely outraged and offended while others applaud the mom and feel she is sending a positive message about breastfeeding.

The mother herself, Jamie Lynne Grumet, is a 26-year-old living in Los Angeles who was breastfed until the age of 6. She admits that people often threaten to call social services or accuse her of molesting her 3-year-old son by breastfeeding him for so long. She explains why she chose to do the cover photo saying, “People have to realize this is biologically normal.  The more people see it, the more it'll become normal in our culture. That's what I'm hoping. I want people to see it.”

The article also discusses how Bill Sears became the attachment parenting guru, encouraging parents to take part in bonding activities like co-sleeping, breastfeeding past the age of 1 and wearing infants in a sling rather than pushing them around in a stroller.

What do you think of the Time’s cover story and photo depicting a mom breastfeeding her 3-year-old son?

How do you feel about attachment parenting?

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  • mkhohn By mkhohn

    this is way too much and i wonder what kind of mommy issues that kid is going to have ?

  • Nehamamama By Nehamamama

    I think TIME magazine got just what they wanted: Attention. As for the photo? Not something I'd like my kid to see at the checkout stand and that is why I give the magazine cover a big "thumbs down."

  • rebecca_reichert By rebecca_reichert

    I do think they went too far with this cover because this age is definitely extremely inappropriate to be breastfeeding. I can understand doing a story about it because it is interesting what these women think are the benefits to this but it shouldn't have been used for a cover.

  • lekhamary By lekhamary

    This is disgusting!! I think that women should NOT breastfeed in public and I hate seeing it. This is sick and no one wants to see this crap.

  • hellokelly By hellokelly

    I think this is disgusting. Not only did they go to far but someone should have a talk with CPS about this. I can't believe they would choose to do display it. I can't decide if its going to hurt their brand or not but it is being talked about and controversy is obviously what they were going for.

  • KouponKat By KouponKat

    I applaud the headline, "Are you Mom Enough?" but I think this cover photo was for shock value only. Time Magazine completely missed the mark on this one. They could have highlighed the rights of breastfeeding moms everywhere if the magazine had only shown a mom breastfeeding her BABY in a public place, not a five year old standing on a stool in a staged photo shoot. They went too far with the photo. It's not a freak show. It's breastfeeding.

  • missmisy19 By missmisy19

    I do believe the cover went to far. The child is no longer a baby so he does not need to be breast fed anymore also when a mom breast feeds in public they usually cover up with a blanket.

  • Ladysteeler By Ladysteeler

    I think it is a personal decision and should be done privately. This was a tasteless phot. Shame on you "Time Magazine".

  • rockthebard By rockthebard

    The cover may look horrifying but I feel that is because of how we portray women in the United States. Breasts or "boobs" are looked at to be more of a sexual thing than a body part that gives nourishment to our young. In the area I grew up in, it is very unacceptable to breastfeed especially in public. You have to be covered or you are asked to go home and do it. I think this is wrong. So many people really don't understand what it is all about and how much a mother has to take care of herself in order to provide the appropriate nutrition for her child. If there is a deficiency, quite often the child is switched right away to formula instead of working on the mother's diet. There is such a deep connected between mother and baby's health that continues after birth into feeding. For us now, this isn't the norm so there is a bit of a shock factor.

  • noliah By noliah

    Millions of women around the world are giving precious life to their children by breastfeeding when no other food is available. They are giving everything they have to give to their child. These are the real Super Moms, in my opinion. The woman on the TIME cover is giving herself too much credit, but some people tend to do that for various reasons, but TIME should have given this a little more thought. This photo could haunt this child forever.

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