A Mother Denies Her Son Chemotherapy

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A Mother Denies Her Son Chemotherapy

When a child is sick it seems only natural that parents do whatever necessary to make the child better.  This is why the case of Daniel Hauser has raised such heated debate and enraged the public. 

Daniel Hauser is a 13-year-old boy suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  There is now an arrest warrant out for his mother, Colleen Hauser, because she has refused the life-saving chemotherapy that doctors want to give Daniel.  Daniel’s doctors became alarmed and notified child protection officials when Colleen Hauser failed to return Daniel Hauser to chemotherapy after having just one treatment in January.

A recent article from the Star Tribune reported that Daniel and Colleen Hauser’s whereabouts are unknown, presumably running from the current arrest warrant and public demand that Daniel receive treatment.  The courts have also decided that when found, Daniel will be placed in foster care. 

Daniel’s doctors have testified in recent court hearings saying that his chance of survival with chemotherapy treatment would be between 80 and 95 percent, but without it he would probably die within 5 years.  Colleen Hauser has testified in a previous hearing that using chemotherapy on her son would violate her religion and thinks that the drug is a fatal poison.  She has said that she prefers using vitamins and other natural herbs to treat her son’s cancer.

Judge John Rodenburg has stated that the county proved “a compelling state interest in the life and welfare of Daniel sufficient to override the fundamental constitutional rights of both the parents and Daniel to the free exercise of religion and the due process right of the parents to direct the upbringing of their child.”  The judge also ruled that Daniel should remain in the custody of his parents if they comply with the treatments recommended by doctors.

What do you think of Colleen Hauser’s decision not to give her son chemotherapy for his cancer?

Do you think chemotherapy should be court ordered in this case?

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  • Briyanah By Briyanah

    I strongly believe that this is considered a form of neglect. If that child were to die she would definitely be charged with his death. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • cutwright93 By cutwright93

    THAT IS STRICTLY NEGLECT...and the mother should go to jail..there are a lot of people who wish chemotherapy would save them but these ungrateful parents act like they cant appreciate anything well enough to want to save their son...


    This article made me so sad when i first heard about it. I understand people have certain beliefs but - when it is a life or death situation - all that should take a backseat to medical care.

  • smb0014 By smb0014

    This is really sad. I don't understand why a parent would not want to get their child better if it is possible.

  • foilprincess7 By foilprincess7

    This is such a tough case to judge u know. If you or a close family member have gone through the strong effects of chemo then you know just how awful it is. Some people are just not cut out for it. There are thousands of people that choose an alternative form of treatment, and it works for them. I heard that the little boy himself refused the treatment. I think that a thirteen year old that comprehends the seriousness of his situation can maturely decide and have a say in his treatment. Man I just feel so bad for the boy. I hope that wherever they are the mom is making sure he is getting SUM kind of treatment. If not... then yea....she suxs

  • chloee By chloee

    this is horrible. they've obviously caught this cancer now,when he's still young, which means it may be more easily teated, why deny him the chance?

  • bonnieb118 By bonnieb118

    I cannot believe this. How horrible. I think it would be fine if this was an adult refusing chemo. It's similar to parents who, because of religious reasons, don't give their kids blood products, and the court steps in to help the child. I will keep this situation in m prayers.

  • Doodlebugsygirl By Doodlebugsygirl

    It would be hard to watch a child go throgh, But even harder watching your child die. I would do it I would do anything for my child.

  • robynlong By robynlong

    There has been so much cancer in my family and I thing you should take all the health care and options available to you. I don't understand why or how the mother could deny her son the treatment and hope of being cancer free.

  • divalove By divalove

    I think that regardless your faith you have to look after your child. How could you sleep at night knowing that you have a prove treatment for your child and you didn't used and because of that your child die. How can you be so calm watching your child health deteriored and don't do nothing about it just because your religion doesn't aload you. How could you?

  • dcjmiller By dcjmiller

    A lot of times we base what we think everybody else's decisions should be on our life situations and experiences and I don't believe that that is totally fair. This boy has repeatedly said that he does not want chemo. Maybe chemo has a real ill effect on him and he doesn't like it. As every women has a decision whether or not to abort her child, a human has the choice to decide what they want to do as far as health. You don't have to be able to read, to be able to decide whether you want to live or not, Or as simple as have to subject to chemo so often. I am just saying think outside of your box because everyone doesn't live in it.

  • alafel04 By alafel04

    I agree with you jan866, I think it is terrible that these parents are not seeking treatment that has a 90% chance of killing the cancer. I dont have any children but my husband had the same kind of cancer and went through treaments and has been cancer free for 4yrs now.

  • jan866 By jan866

    how about the mother (and the father is next for his trial) who is going to jail for 25 years for not getting her daughter with diabetes treatment? What is the difference? her daughter died because she was not treated for DIABETES. Should someone have stepped in for that little girl? This mother was of the opinion that people who got sick were "sinners and should not be treated". WTF is the matter with people. There are some people who really should not be parents at all.

  • frizzyborden By frizzyborden

    I don't think her rights should be infringed upon. She is getting him treatment. It may not be what certain others would choose, but she's still trying to do something about it. There was another case where a girl around the same age didn't want anymore chemo. Her parents let her have her wish and found alternative treatment, but the government had to step in and take the girl away from her parents anyway. I hope everyone likes having their parental rights taken away. This is what it will come to.

  • jh0816 By jh0816

    Part Two: The first time is HORRIBLE for an ADULT. If my doctor told me iI had it again, I would NOT do treatment. I said, I will do this once. It was AWFUL! If they put him through all of this & it does not work, he has lost out on quality (and time). If the treatment is unbearable to him he must feel like people are causing him pain - he must wonder, why don't they care that this is making me sick, that it hurts. Again, mixed feelings, awful situation.

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