Young Women Come Out Ahead

   By drodriguez  Sep 03, 2010

Looking to move?  You may want to consider a new list released detailing the 11 U.S. cities where women out-earn men by the largest margins.  For the past few years now women have been the top earners in most of the large metropolitan cities across the nation.  In places like Atlanta, Georgia and San Diego, California young single women are earning quite a deal more than their male counterparts.  

It is thought that women are the top earners in these cities because they are now 1.5 times more likely to graduate from college than men.  The gap can be quite large in some of the cities.  In places like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City young women are earning about 10 percent more than men their same age.  

The research team coming up with the list, Reach Advisors, discusses the current trend among young workers in big cities.  Reach Advisors’ president, James Chung, says “While the average American woman still earns 20 percent less than men, the gap is biggest among older women and smallest among younger women.”  

The city with the largest margin was Atlanta, Georgia where young women earned 21 percent more than men.  And in at a close second was Memphis, Tennessee where young single women were ahead of their male counterparts by 19 percent.  Go here for a complete list of the 11 cities with the largest margin of women out-earning men. 

What do you think of the recent information showing young women are out-earning men in most large U.S. cities?

Why do you think this is?

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ndabrk by ndabrk | Fresno, CA
Sep 12, 2010

I think that for the most part, women now-a-days are more independent and desire financial freedom and earn it! I generally think that the more education a woman has the less they are willing to settle for men who don't share their lifestyle; therefore, marry older, thus focusing more on their careers.

courtney3636 by courtney3636 | Garland, TX
Sep 03, 2010

love it! I make more than my husband. women get treated different in the work place and hope this growing trend sticks around for years to come!

momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Sep 03, 2010

That is awesome!!!!

Von411 by Von411 | El paso, TX
Sep 03, 2010

Its about time. Which it was across the country that this was occuring. I always feel that women in general are treated differently...